A3 Wood Sketch Folder

Introduction: A3 Wood Sketch Folder

I made for a school project, a based on open source wooden a3 sketch folder. Wich i'm going to share online in a open source database (this site) so people who like it are able to use it.

My inspirations comes from a open source: http://fablab.waag.org/project/sketch-folder 
The maker of this is: Ale Iadarola

The first thing I wanted to personalize was the format, so i made it from A4 paper format to a3 paper format. the second thing I wanted to personalize was the wooden bend pattern.

The laser cutter I used: Universal laser systems, VLS6.60.

Material I used: MDF 3mm thick.

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Step 1: Format Change

First of all i changed the format from the sketch map from a4 format to a3 format.

Step 2: Different Pattern Samples

I made different test patterns and checked wich one bend the best. After the test I made my discision wich pattern i u would use.

Step 3: Laser Cut File

After the format change and the pattern test I made my drawing in illustrator. wich i will upload here.

Step 4: The Result

I uploaded the file in the laser cut progame, after 10 minutes it was done, and i was happy with the result.

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