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There have been a lot of "guns" posted lately that utilize rubberbands. I deciede to share my AA cannon. Sorry that there is no pics of it being built (I built it quite a few weeks ago and took no pics) but you should be able to build it with my directions. It will put a AA battery out of sight.
Also, it is really cheap; it only cost me about $13
It really is a very simple, small scale pneumatic cannon. Overall length is about 18 inches, height is 4 inches. The barrel and air chamber are both removeable, which makes it easy to modify.

Step 1: Get Parts

Okay, here's the part list and where I got them.

These materials I got at Lowes Hardware:
One 12-inch long 1/2-inch nipple (pictures 3 and 4)
One 1/2-inch ball valve with threaded ends (picture 6)
Two 1/2-inch close nipples
Two 1/2 inch elbows that are threaded (screw on) on one end and need to be glued on the other
One 2-inch to 1/2-inch threaded reducer
One 2-inch coupler
One 2-inch cap

These I got at Ace Hardwate:
One PVC Purple Primer (trust me, you need this if you don't want it to leak)
One PVC Cement
One roll Teflon (Plumbers) Tape
2 inches of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
8 inches of 2 inch PVC pipe

These I got at Schucks Auto Supply:
One pack (icludes two) tire replacement valves for a .453 rim hole (picture 2)

Step 2: Get Taping and Then Screw!

Wrap teflon tape around all the treaded ends, and start screwing. You don't need tape on the barrel, so wrap the first close nipple in t-tape and connect the ball valve to one of the elbows. You should not be able to see the nipple once it's screwed together, like in the picture below.

Do the same thing to get other bend connected to the 2-inch to 1/2-inch bushing. Again, you should not be able to see the nipple once they're screwed together.

Step 3: Get the Valve On!

The best place to put the tire valve is on the cap; the cap is thicker than the pipe and puts the valve in a convenient place. Drill through the cap with a 9/16 drill bit. Use superglue to seal it.

Step 4: Prime and Cement

Use a 2 inch long section of 1/2-ich pipe to connect the 2 bends; coat with primer and then cement. Squeeze them together tightly and hold for a few seconds. Remember to be liberal with your cement, not your ballots!
Primer and cement the coupler to the bushing, then the pipe to the bushing and the cap (which has the valve on it) onto the pipe.
Yes, I used the photo twice ;)

Step 5: Ammo Preperation

While you wait a few hours for the cement to dry, prepare your ammo. A small amount of duct tape makes AA battery's fit perfectly. Also fun to shoot is marshmallows and those small, packaged carrots. Finally, a tube full of water gives of a cool bang like a firecracker.

Step 6: Pump It UP

Use a pump that has a gauge and can pump at least 120 PSI. Everything here is rated to at least 180psi (the 1.2 pipe I used is 600psi) so 120 should be fine.
Check for leaks.

Step 7: FIRE!

Take it to a secluded place, or just walk out your backdoor and aim for a piece of plywood.
Until you have fired it and seen what it can do, please don't fire it within 200 yards of anything of value.

Aim, and flip the ball valve open as fast as you can.

Those movies are two shots I did. Sorry for the crappy video quality.

Step 8: Different Cannon, Same Ammo

This cannon does the same thing, and costs about the same. It is easier to aim, but take up much more space.
It is made entirely from 1/2 inch pipe.
If enough people can't figure out how to build it, I'll do another unstructable

Step 9: Conclusion

I hope you have fun with this, and here's a couple concluding comments:

Remember to use LOTS of primer and cement. A little overflow is a good thing.

NEVER shoot anyone with a AA battery (some animals are acceptable, such as opossums). Marshmallows are okay.

I know you can use a modified sprinkler valve, but I wanted a cheap, compact, fun little cannon.

I Love friendly comments. Please, no comments about this being dangerous or me being crazy, I already know these things.

Have fun.



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    168 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Could you pour some water into the air chamber then pump it up as usual and then fire it.Would it turn into a water gun?


    9 years ago on Step 6

    what do you do if you do happen to find a leak? e.g: super glue it or something else?
    plz reply thx

    2 replies
    dog diggertwodogs

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 6

    Depends where the leak is. If it's on the threaded connections, It's ok. Use some more teflon tape. Anywhere else, tell me


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If there's a leak, throw it away. Seriously. Leak = weak point for it to explode later.

    spud guns usually have sharpened barrels so you can cut a perfectly fitting chunk of potato and load the gun in (gasp) only ONE easy motion!!!
    talk about a marvel of modern engineering

    i think that would add to the versatility of the gun >=-)>

    my smiley grew his goatee out


    is this the cannon expressed on the coke cannon instructable as a comment,
    "my own design, able to shoot batteries over 200 ' at 90 psi" ?

    1 reply
    mattias law

    10 years ago on Introduction

    i want to try and make one of these which has a compact bike pump built into it. so t will basically be the same as using a water gun. i wonder if you could take apart a water gun and use it? hmm

    5 replies
    mattias lawNCRatSniper

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    im actaully thinking of using a water bottly as the chamber where the air goes in, have you heard how much pressure they can take its quite astounding, one of those small 500ml bottles can take about 80psi. its more just the pump for the water gun that im using

    Madrias357mattias law

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Use a 2 liter soda bottle. They're made to be pressurized and can take a lot of force. I used to use those on the 4th of July. fill them with about 120 PSI and keep going till you get an explosion.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    watch the news his gun got blocked and he kept filling to 200 psi then boom (look for it till it happens)

    LED master22

    10 years ago on Introduction

    is it just me or is everybody think that its kind of cheap and stupid to use a bicycle tire to inflate a pressurized chamber?? im not tryin to make a put down, but thats actually stupid....nice though

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    air compresser works well and with a release trigger used to blow air can become your chamber like when i shot my dad with a nerf dart with this and he coouldnt sit down for a month