ABS / PLA Inside!

Introduction: ABS / PLA Inside!

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Once you start 3D printing at home you might want some bling for your bot.  

You can show your love for your extrusion material of choice by printing one of these badges and sticking it on your printer.  If you run multiple units you can help keep track of the material being used at the moment in each printer by Velcro'n one of these guys on the front just to keep things clear. 

You can grab my 3D model here: http://www.123dapp.com/123D-3D-Model/ABS-PLA-Inside/627321 and use the free 123D app by Autodesk here: http://www.123dapp.com/123d to mod if you like and then export to your preferred format for 3D printing; here is a sample workflow I have used  at home designing and printing with great results: https://www.instructables.com/id/Basic-workflow-for-3D-design-in-Sketchup-and-3D-pr/

  • Download my source file above
  • Open in your chosen 3D editor
  • Select your prefered badge
  • Export it to an stl file (or your printer's preferred format)
  • Slice model
  • Print!
  • Color text and outline with a sharpie
  • Attach to printer/stock of choice 
  • Smile like the rapid prototype'r that you are

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