Print ABS on Jeans Textil BED (Without a Heated Bed)


Introduction: Print ABS on Jeans Textil BED (Without a Heated Bed)

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With this extremely cheap and effective trick- you can print ABS Without A Heated Bed...

It will work with all kind of filament not only with ABS...

For this project you will need:

Old jeans & double sided tape...

Step 1: Printing ABS Without a Heated Bed

Printing ABS Without A Heated Bed

Just cut piece of jeans (size - your 3d printer bed)
and glue on a 3D printing surface with double sided tape

Enjoy and Happy printing :-)



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    1 year ago

    Can you remove the ABS from the jeans?

    1 reply

    Oo yes easily... and you can use many many many times... enjoy