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The Weaved fabric for the Internet of Things for Everyone provides secure, private connections to devices across the internet and from mobile devices.

I will explain how you can access your ARIAG25 from anywhere in the world in minutes, using HTTP service.


Normally, when you use the ARIAG25 as web server, tests are done using the LAN network. When you want to test from the WAN, you normally have to config your router (NAT/DMZ) to accept outside access. If you are familiar with your router, this is not a problem, but imagine dozens of other routers models where you need to know each one or need to know the NET access rights? Maybe it will be headache for you.

The solution

To solve these need, here some steps:

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Step 1: Create a INTERNET CLOUD Account on WEAVED

Enter in, register and enter you login and password.

Step 2: Install a Special Software on ARIAG25 to Enable It to Register on WEAVED

Connect your PC to the ARIAG25 (SSH session or serial port)


type your root login/password (root/ariag25)

Download the weaved application


Uncompress it to /root

tar -xvf acme_weaved.tar

Enter in the directory

cd acme-weaved

Install it


(be shure that your PC is connected to now (logged) and that you are in the same NET of ARIAG25)

Step by step

Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law. debarm:~# wget
--2015-08-24 15:29:25--
Resolving,,, ...
Connecting to||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 194560 (190K) [application/x-tar] Saving to: `acme_weaved.tar'
100%[======================================>] 194,560 361K/s in 0.5s
2015-08-24 15:29:26 (361 KB/s) - `acme_weaved.tar' saved [194560/194560]
debarm:~# tar -xvf acme_weaved.tar
debarm:~# cd acme_weaved
debarm:~/acme_weaved# ./install
Usage: /etc/init.d/weavedWEB {start|stop|restart}
Start Weaved service web.linux.conf [OK]
installed and started

Step 3: Accessing the ARIAG25 Webpage From Your Browser

In webpage you will be adviced that there is a new device waiting to register in your weaved account, enable it (confirm the register), give a name (for example ARIAG25_HTTP) to the device and you will see it the current list of devices.

Click on ARIAG25_HTTP and the weaved will connect to ARIAG25 webserver and shows the main webpage. You can access the ARIAG25 from anywhere now!

Step 4: Accessing the ARIAG25 Webpage From IOS App Too

You should download the weaved on app store or use the web browser.

Click on ARIAG25_HTTP device

Step 5: Share Your ARIAG25

If you don't have the ARIAG25, but want to make a test, please, register now in the and send us you weaved ID that we will share my ARIAG25 for you to do tests.

Other weaved services for ARIAG25

We have tested WEBCAM and SSH access to ARIAG25 successfully too.




Step 6: Help

If you have some questions about , don´t hesite to take a message for us.

Thank you!

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