AC/DC Clock

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How to make an easy and cheap clock at home!

Step 1: Getting Inspired

As an AC/DC fan I have a big wall poster. For ages I had been thinking about making my own clock but I didn´t find something cool to do... until I looked at the wall.

A new idea had appeared!

Step 2: Materials Needed

  • White glue.
  • Coping saw.
  • Sand papers.
  • 5mm plywood panel.
  • Quartz clock with hands.
  • Red and black spray paint.
  • Inkjet with white and photographic paper sheets.

Step 3: Printing the Model

  • Choose a base image for your clock. In my case, I´m using the Black Ice album Angus Young silhouette.
  • Resize the image as you wish and print it on a white paper sheet . This model has a 20cm diameter

Tip: Look for easy-to-cut images. Inner gaps may be difficult to remove!

  • Cut the prints trying to keep as many thick surfaces as possible, otherwise the pieces might break down while using the saw.
  • Fix the prints to the wood panel using cellophane tape. With a pencil draw the contour of the pieces on it.

Tip: Notice that the guitar has two strange extensions on the neck. They offer extra support for the word D.

Step 4: Cutting the Pieces

  • Remove the papers from the plywood and cut the pieces with a coping saw. Follow the pencil lines you have done previously.

Tip: Empty the inner holes first. Later will be difficult!

Step 5: Adding the Mechanism

Cheap clock mechanisms can be easily found on Internet. I bought a Quartz clock with hands on eBay for 1€!

Okay. They are not very reliable and the battery doesn´t last long but for simple DIY projects are perfect.

This model comes with a washer and nut. Not complex linkers or glue are needed, just drill the piece where you want to fit the clock´s hands.

Step 6: Sanding and Painting

  • After cutting and drilling the pieces some splinters may have appeared.
  • Remove them using sand paper, scrub the surface till it is smooth and uniform.
  • The pieces are now ready. Put them on a plastic surface and apply the spray paint.

Don´t forget cleaning the dust with cloths before painting!

Tip: For high quality results, primer should be applied before painting.

Step 7: Creating the Background

Without a background you can see the wall behind the clock and the mechanisms. It doesn´t look cool.

We can improve our model adding a printed image on photographic paper. Flames seem appropriate for a rock band.

  • Adjust the sheet shape to the circle´s contour. Cut it few millimetres smaller than the circle itself.
  • While in position. Add white glue on the paper edges and spread it until it reaches the wooden parts.

Step 8: Everything in Its Right Place

  • Glue the words carefully.
  • Attach the mechanism to the base. Add some glue on the lightning and fix it too.
  • Install the washer and tighten the nut. Finally, put the hands in their positions.

Our custom-made clock is now finished!



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    4 Discussions


    10 months ago

    Awesome job mate, love the design. A prefect gift for a friend :D


    10 months ago

    Oh yeah! I love it! The result is very cool. Great job!


    11 months ago

    This is awesome! I love the finished look of the clock!

    1 reply
    Francisco Molinertomatoskins

    Reply 11 months ago

    Thank you!

    This is one of the first projects I made years ago. Improved and better explained models will be shared soon!