AC/DC Speaker(made From a Power Supply)




1) From an old Computer Speaker and a damaged Power Supply
2) For the wheels we use the VHS tape. (We broke it and get that round one inside VHS tape.)
3) For the Cellphone Holder(We found a rectangular shape on a old family computer we cut it using a Grinder and we attach on the top of the Power Supply)
4) We use DP/DT switch. (if you want to use AC or DC)
5) For DC we use 9 volts battery


Step 1: Materials

1) Dead Power supply( Get the Case Do not unscrew the Plug )
2) Old Computer Speaker ( Get the amplifier, speaker and the transformer )
3) Electrical Tape
4) 9 Volts Battery with Battery Clip ( for battery clip you can make your own from a Dead 9 Volts battery )
5) Pliers ( Side cutter and long nose) 
6) Screw Drivers 
7) DP/DT switch ( i got mine on my old project, but you can buy this it cost 15 pesos here in philippines)
8) soldering iron with lead ofcourse

thats all you can make your own without buying anything :))

Step 2:

get the transformer connect the 2 red wires to the plug of the power supply as shown on the picture
Place a insulator at the bottom of the transformer for safety and screw it. ( like what i did on the picture)

Step 3:

Screw the Speakers where ever you want. i put mine on the part where there is more holes so that i can screw it and so that the sounds hears better

Step 4:

Cut the lower part of that portion where the fan is located so that you can place your amplifier, and then screw your amplifier.

Step 5:

it must be look like this picture :)

Step 6:

solder 2 wires for the left side and for the right side so that we can indicate if we use AC or DC .

Step 7:

okay . hmm
for the AC
connect the 1 yellow wire from the transformer to the one yellow wire from the amplifier and then the other yellow wire of the transformer to the 1 wire from the DP/DT switch and then connect the other wire of the DP/DT switch to the other yellow wire of the amplifier ( Connecting the wire to the DP/DT switch for breaking the flow of electricity) use the Left side of the DP/DT or you can use right it depends upon you if where you will place the indicator of the AC

for the DC
connect the black wire of the battery clip to the one yellow wire of the amplifier and then connect the red wire of the battery clip to the one wire of the DP/DT switch and the other wire of the DP/DT switch to the other wire of the amplifier. ( take note: if you use the the left side for the AC use the right side for DC)

Connect the Speaker too

Step 8:

i used VHS tape for the wheels . i broke it to get that round one inside :)

solder the wires and tape it
and that's it it is done :)) 



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