Introduction: ACME Bomb

This is how to make a quick and cheep ACME bomb.  Its not perfect, but it looks fine from the audience.

Step 1: Materials List


1 Rubber balloon.  Any size will work.
2 Cuts of string about 1 foot long
Lots of newspaper
1 Bottle of wood glue
A water source
Black spray paint
A Powerade cap
A box opener knife
A hot glue gun with 1 stick of hot glue
Armature wire (Optional) 
Sand paper (Optional)

Step 2: Step 1 - Inflating the Balloon

Take your balloon and inflate it to a rounded shape and tie off.  Use one of your strings to hang your balloon somewhere above the ground. 

Step 3: Step 2 - Beginning to Paper Mache Balloon

Rip up long strips of the newspapers.  You will need a lot of them.  Afterwards, mix a wood-glue, water solution of 1 to 1.

Step 4: Step 3 - Paper Macheing the Balloon

Alright, I'm sure that whoever is reading this has paper machaed, so you will know what to do, but in the event that you haven't ever paper machaed, than well.  Its pretty simple.  First, dip a strip of newspaper into the wood-glue and cover it entirely.  Then, place it on the balloon.  Do your best not to wrinkle the newspaper as putting it on the balloon.  (We did a bad job at that part)

Step 5: Step 4 - Continuing Step 3

Just continue to coat the balloon in paper mache strips.  Make sure the balloon completely dries between coats.  4-5 layers of newspaper are optimal.  Let the newspaper COMPLETELY dry before continuing to step 5.

Step 6: Step 5 - Popping the Balloon

You may wonder, whats the point of popping the balloon?  Its not like its going to cause any harm?  Well, it may.  The shrinking balloon may cause the newspaper to shrink as well, eventually snapping the newspaper and no one wants that.  Take an box opener knife and stab at the tie of the balloon.  Make a large hole in the balloon.  If at all possible, ensure that the newspaper shell can be supported by the balloon in the inside for the time being.  By that, I mean make sure that the string with the balloon attatched can still support the shell and the balloon and string won't fall out.  Its not necessary, but it skips the next step.

Step 7: Step 6 - for Those Who Need Something to Hold Their Balloon By

For those who by accident removed the balloon from the inside shell, or the shell will simply fall off if you try to hold it by the string, than this solves the problem.  For step 7, spray painting, you may want something to hold the balloon by.  Take about a foot of armature wire, and stick it through the wall near the hole in the top of the bomb shell.  Fold over the inside edge so that you can support the balloon by the wire.  This simply creates something to hold the balloon by and that was the point of this step.   (Sorry, I don't have a picture of this step)

Step 8: Step 7 - Spray Painting

Any black spray paint will work.   Take some spray paint and spray over the bomb with it to make it nice and dark.  Two or three coats of paint will be optimal.  (Notice how our bomb is supported by wire.  We placed wire as in step 7 instead of using the string already there)  Allow the paint to completely dry before moving on.

Step 9: Step 8 - the Fuse, Part 1

Alright, the first step to this fuse involves the second piece of string and the cap.  Drill a small hole in center of the cap, about the width of the string.  Set this aside.  Second, dip the string in pure wood-glue, not into the wood-glue and water solution.  Coat the string completely, and be sure the leave the excess glue on the string.  You want as much on the string as possible that will stick to it.  Set this aside.  Let it completely dry before moving on.  (For more thickness to the wick if the thickness of flimsiness of only one dip into wood-glue isn't satisfying enough, dip the dried wood-glue covered string into wood glue again and let dry)

Step 10: Step 9 - the Fuse Part 2

Once everything is dry, insert an end of the string into the hole in the cap.  The wick will be the part that is left remaining on the top of the cap.  Everything that is under the cap will not be seen.  Once at optimal length, hot glue, on the inside of the cap, the string to the cap, then the cap to the bomb, with the powerade label face up. (I don't have a picture of this either but it should look something like this when finished.

Step 11: Congratulations

Congrats, you have finished your ACME bomb.  As you can see, we did not soothe ours very well.  For better results, prior to spray painting, sand off the rough edges on the newspaper shell.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Why would you want to smooth it? Slight bumpyness gives it a retro look. Rocky the Flying Squirrel look even. Through in some brassy bits and it's steampunk. Some red and gold bits and it's pirate. Smooth, try to put a window shiny graphic on it and it is Mad Magazine Spy verses Spy. Many more. Like this one just as it is too. Cartoon Door stop.