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Introduction: ADORABLE Jellyfish Plushie

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I've been working on perfecting this plushie for a while. I've made two slightly less adorable ones before this and almost gave up; but when this jellyfish was finished, I had to make an Instructable for it.

So let's get started!

Note: The instructions in this instructable are for those who already know how to sew by hand and on the sewing machine.

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Step 1: Materials for Part One.

There are two parts to this instructable. These are only the materials you'll need for part one, which is making the jelly's body.

You'll need:

One square of fabric for the top of the jelly's body, which for mine was designed with flowers. Yours can be anything; although it looks better if it is colorfully patterned. My piece was 6" square.

One equally sized piece of white felt for the jelly's underside. It can be any color, but mine was white because it complimented the top of the jelly.

Jellyfish pattern - similar to the one in the picture.

Sharpie for tracing the patterns onto the material (though you can pin it to the fabric and cut it from there - it's just easier to trace them to the material).

One rectangle of black felt to make the eyes of the jelly.

Black embroidery thread to sew on the eyes.

Embroidery needle.

Step 2: Trace the Fabrics.

Cut out your pattern and trace it onto the fabrics.

Then, cut the fabric and the felt to the same size. Trim them if you aren't satisfied with their appearance.

Notice that if you did use a marker to trace the felt, there might be a thin black line around the edge. You'll want this inside of the jelly, so arrange it so that it will be hidden.

Step 3: The Eyes.

Use a metallic sharpie marker to trace the circles onto the black felt (or just cut until you are satisfied with the appearance of the circle). Then cut the circles out.

Arrange them on the face of the jellyfish body in the way you wish for it to look. Then proceed to sew them on with the black embroidery thread.


Sew white spots in the corners of the eyes to give the illusion that the jelly's eyes are sparkling. But do this BEFORE you sew on the black part! (And you might want to do this with white thread.)

However, I did not do this in the instructable, it's just an idea for you.

Step 4: Materials for Part Two.

You'll need...

A sewing machine. (or lots of embroidery thread and an embroidery needle)

Scissors (not pictured)

1 large ball of yarn that you feel compliments the body of your jellyfish.

Extra rectangle of felt (any color) about 3 inches long (not pictured)

Stuffing / cotton balls / old felt scraps (to fill the jelly's body)

Step 5: The Tentacles.

For the tentacles, you should make 6 bunches of 5 1-foot strings of yarn. This is how you make them.

First, get A LOT of yarn. (Maybe 15 feet?) Fold it over. Then fold it over again. Then fold it over again. Depending on how long the yarn was, you should get a bunch of yarn that is all the same length but relatively short.

Repeat this until you have 30 strands of yarn. Cut them until they are all individual and about 12 inches in length.

Start sorting the yarn into 6 groups with 5 strands in each. Tie the very top of each of the bunches until they are all together and look sort of like a tassel. (See picture.)

Step 6: The Extra Rectangle of Felt.

Lay the tassels of yarn side by side on the rectangle of felt until it looks like the first picture.

This is the tricky part!

Sew the yarn tassels onto the felt. I highly advise you to do it on the machine and to go back and forth a few times. This saves almost a half-hour of time and frustration.

Note: This step's purpose is so that the "tentacles" of the jellyfish are even - and so that they aren't accidentally falling out of the jellyfish. The first time I made a jelly this way, I can only assume that I was half-asleep, as the jelly had no safety to keep the tentacles in its body, and they kept falling out.

This doesn't have to be pretty or even - it's going straight into the jelly's body, where no one will see it.

Step 7: Stuff the Jelly.

Remember that stuffing you acquired for Part 2? Well, it's time to stuff it up in the jelly until you are satisfied with the puffiness of it.

Step 8: Stuffing Even More Stuff Into the Jelly.

Shove the piece of felt that has the yarn tassels attached to it into the jellyfish body. It should be completely hidden before you start to sew the gap shut.

Step 9: Finishing Up.

CAREFULLY... ever so carefully so you don't move it by accident... sew the jellyfish shut.

You're almost done.

If you want to trim the yarn, do so until it is your desired length.

Your jellyfish is done!

Step 10: Thanks for Viewing, Commenting, and Voting!

Step 11:

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