ADVANCED 2x2 Ortega Method




Introduction: ADVANCED 2x2 Ortega Method

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This tutorial is for cubers who already know the basic 2x2 tutorial. There will be many algorithms to remember!

Think Cubes. Happy Cubing!

Step 1: Solving the White Layer (with Matching Sides)

Once scrambled, locate a white corner;that will be the white side. Intuitively match up the remaining three corners. You may need to use the algorithm: R' D' D' R D R' D' R D

Step 2: Orienting the Last Layer

This stage will have many algorithms. OLL will solve the yellow layer. The algorithms need to be done as follows:

1) Opposite Yellow swap: hold the cube with two yellows facing you and the other two facing AWAY Then, perform this: R2, U2, R, U2, R2 SEE sketch #1

2) Hold the cube with two yellow on the left, one facing you on the right, one facing away, and perform this algorithm: F R U Ri Ui R U Ri Ui Fi. SEE SKETCH #2

3) Sune case: 1 yellow solved in bottom left, one facing YOU on the right, one on the right side of the cube, one facing away: Hold with the one yellow corner already solved on top and perform this algorithm: R U Ri U R U2 Ri SEE SKETCH # 3

4) Anti- Sune: Hold the cube with one yellow solved on top in the right top side, one yellow facing you on the left, one yellow on the right side of the cube, and one yellow on the left side, and do this alg. : R U2 Ri Ui R Ui Ri SEE SKETCH #4

5) Hold cube with two yellow on right on the top, other two yellows on left side of cube, and do this alg : F R U Ri Ui F' SEE SKETCH #5

6) Hold cube with two yellow on right on the top, one yellow facing you, one yellow facing away, and do this alg : R U Ri Ui Ri F R Fi SEE SKETCH #6

7) Hold cube with two yellow pieces diagonal, one on the top left, one on bottom right, and do this alg: F R Ui Ri Ui R U Ri Fi SEE SKETCH #7

Those are the OLL algorithms to solve the yellow layer :)

Step 3: Permutating Both Layers

PBL is the last layer in solving the 2x2 using the Ortega Method. Use the two algorithms after solving the yellow side using OLL. These are the two PBL algs:

Hold the cube with the two corners that need to be diagonally swapped with one in the bottom right and one in the top left and use this alg : F R Ui Ri Ui R U Ri Fi R U Ri Ui Ri F R Fi

Pair up two bar of two of the same colors with the bar of the same color solved in the first stage. Hold the cube with the two corners that need to be swapped on the right side and do this alg: R U Ri Ui Ri F R2 Ui Ri Ui R U Ri Fi

Those are the two algorithms needed in PBL.


You have learned the ways of the Ortega for 2x2! If this tutorial helped, share this with your friends and family! Look for my future posts. :)



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    11 Discussions

    SIMPLE. This isn't the ortega tho.

    New algorithm for sketch 8- R U' R2 U' F' R' U F2 R U' F


    3 years ago

    That isn't even the complete Ortega method. The Ortega method consists of 5 PBL cases not two. Also, you don't have to completely match up all the corners in the first layer. You just need to complete the first side not the first layer.

    This was just the Fredrich method for the 2x2, not the Ortega method.

    Hey! I appreciate your effort! I have another algorithm for sketch 9- Ri U Li U2 R Ui Ri U2 R L

    Ortega Method Caleb

    CJR2115 this isnt a shengshou its a dayan zhanchi 2x2. It is awesome for speedcubing and has gotten me my record of 3.2 seconds

    I like the shengshou 2x2 but I've never tried a sticker less. How are they?

    Thanks Brad!