I wanted to show simple and easy ways for brewing coffee, for a beginner.There are probably infinite variations on each of the methods I’ll show you, but I have tried to present the easiest ones that still prepare a high quality cup.
 If you are an experienced home or professional barista the techniques I present will be known to you, and may even seem
somewhat rudimentary, but you aren’t the target audience in this case.

The Aeropress is a bit of an odd duck here, whereas the press pot and pourover are very much traditional brewing devices,
the Aeropress is a relatively new innovation.  Though new, the Aeropress borrows much from press pot brewing and siphon brewing. 
The Aeropress is a somewhat intimidating brewing device, but once you’ve used it once or twice it’s easy.

The Aeropress comes with a set of very easy to follow brewing instructions.  These instructions tell you how to make “espresso style” coffee,
 which in the case of the Aeropress is a concentrated brew ala espresso shot, to which water can be added if you desire a full cup. 
While this results in a pretty delicious coffee, it also depends on using a massively overdosed amount of coffee,
 to the tune of fifteen grams per two ounce “shot”.  Feel free to use the official Aeropress instructions if you like the kind of coffee that results.
  I wanted to use my Aeropress to make a filter style brew close to what I would get from a pourover or siphon.  To that end I researched a
 number of methods and settled on one that works pretty well, which I am outlining in this tutorial.

Step 1: Gather everything you need: The Aeropress, a filter, two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water, something to stir with,
 a cup or receptacle for the brewed coffee, a grinder, and so on.

Step 2: Using the inner chamber of the Aeropress, measure water to the top of the “4″ marking.  This is about six fluid ounces, or two-hundred grams,
 of water.  Dump the water into your kettle to boil.  It’s a good idea to use a bit more as you will lose some water to evaporation while heating.
Step 3:  For this method, you will be using the Aeropress “upside down” as shown.  Preheat the Aeropress with hot water,
soaking the paper filter in the water as well.
  The paper filter should be presoaked to rid it of any papery tastes it might add to the coffee.
Step 4:  Grind the coffee to a cone filter grind.  You can even go a bit finer, but I use the same grind as I would for a pourover.
Step 5:  Prepare the Aeropress for brewing: Dump the preheat water and fit the paper filter into the filter holder:
Now add the ground coffee to the Aeropress.  The funnel that comes with the Aeropress is really handy for this.

Step 6:  Add the water into the Aeropress.  Thirty seconds to a minute off boil (201-204 degrees).
 Stir as you go to break up clumps of coffee.  With the ground coffee, you will be filling the Aeropress nearly to the top, so be careful.
Step 7:  After forty-five seconds of steep time, carefully turn the Aeropress over and set securely on top
 of a cup or other vessel to receive the soon to be brewed coffee:
This should be obvious, but make sure whatever you are brewing into is solid and has a wide enough base that it won’t flip sideways or break.
 Don’t brew into a teacup or wineglass.  Start pressing.  Aim for about fifteen seconds from the start of pressing to the finish.  Press firmly and consistently.

Step Seven: Drink the coffee!
The real strength of the Aeropress is its speed.  Once you’ve mastered the process you can make a cup in five minutes start to finish.
  The Aeropress is also tremendously versatile, leaving you to control all variables, including extraction speed and pressure.
  There are infinite variations of techniques out there for the uber coffee geek to explore and tweak to their hearts content.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    My co worker has an aeropress, and I really like the coffee it makes, but it stinks that you have to use so much of it at a time.

    Does this method use less ground coffee?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    nice write up , but your variation is different than the instructions that came with my aero press.. I will have to try your upside down method to see if it produces any differently than the way it says in the instructions.

    i guess any way you can get the press to work and make delicious coffee is cool..
    Enjoy ur brewing..

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