If you've got a pair of trainers with broken/frayed lace ends (aglet's) then this is a perfect project for using up your leftover Sugru and to make your laces look less ratty.

All you need is; Sugru and a pair of shoes in need of some TLC.

Step 1: Roll Up and Paste on

It's a simple process really; just roll your Sugru out in to a small tube about the same length of your broken aglet/roughly a centimeter and mould it around the end of your lace like a sausage, making sure to cover the lace end entirely.

Roll it between your fingers to get even coverage and be careful not to make it too fat to fit through the shoes eyelet holes.

You can trim it however you like and play around with textures by wrapping different fabrics around it to get different prints; i.e. snake print etc. Or you can dab water on to your fingers and rub in small circles to smooth out the Sugru.

Leave to set for 24 hours and you've got yourself a new set of aglets; both practical and stylish.



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    Street-Wise Irish

    2 years ago

    Look up Phineas and Ferb AGLET song and you will imagine how I felt when I saw the word AGLET, lol


    3 years ago on Introduction

    electrical shrink tubing is quicker but not as durable...good in an emergency tho...