A.I. on Going Project 1of?

Introduction: A.I. on Going Project 1of?

OK this is the first of what i would like to think will be me building a OK AI i wanted to start with something basic and on a easy codding language so i picked python now if you don't know python i wold tel you to go to https://www.codecademy.com or watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkx5_MRAV3A but there are parts in it where they tell you to go to codecademy any why but Jessica McKellar is hot and if you has to sit there for 2 hours of coding she is some one you can pay attention to. but for this to work i will give you my code:

import random
import webbrowser

greetings =['hi', 'hello', 'sup' , 'good day','yea im up','can i help you','ok you just want to paly this game','hi thought you where talking to something else','hola','yeh im still here','.....................................im up','zzz zzz zzzz zzzz zzzz zzz','ok im here now too','where have you been','hi','hi','hi','sup','helo','hello',] question = ['what would you like me to do', 'how can i help' , 'is there anything thing I might help you with' ] websiteinstructables = ['open instructables','show me instructables','instructables','inst',] websiteyoutube = ['open youtube','show me youtube','youtube',] websitepandora = ['open pandora','show me pandora','pandora','music','play music',] websitegoogle = ['open google','look up','google',] websiteymail = ['yahoo mail','rocketmail','email',] websitegmail = ['gmail',] websitecyber = ['cyber d','my site', 'learn somthing',]

while True: userInput = raw_input("A.I. system ") if userInput in greetings: random_question = random.choice(question) print(random_question) elif userInput in websiteinstructables: webbrowser.open_new('https://www.instructables.com') print("here you go") elif userInput in websiteyoutube: webbrowser.open('http://www.youtube.com') print("here you go") elif userInput in websitepandora: webbrowser.open('http://www.pandora.com') print("here you go") elif userInput in websitegoogle: webbrowser.open('http://www.google.com') print("here you go") elif userInput in websiteymail: webbrowser.open('https://us-mg5.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=3i01k0mlh7ko9') print("here you go") elif userInput in websitegmail: webbrowser.open('https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox') print("here you go") elif userInput in websitecyber: webbrowser.open('http://www.cyberdlearning.info') print("here you go") else: print("I dont understand, but I would like to could you in code that in to me? ")

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Step 1: Running the .py

ok first i would like to think you saved the code as a .py and if you want in terminal you can go to the dir and type python filename.py or you can do what i did and build a .sh in you home file so all you have to do is run the ./ai.sh

also change out the A.I.py for your file. i did not notice in my pic it was befor i change it to the home file

cd Desktop\building\ ai/

python A.I.py

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    Reply 4 years ago

    thank you the next step will be adding pyttsx (to make it talk)and then adding a input and a variable to add a program something like would you like to add if yes run ____ else: print("maybe next time") ass a question about what type of program need input ect ect