Building this improved and enhanced table is very easy. All that need to happen is to replace the fan system and put in some posts on the corners.

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Step 1: Replace Fan

Take out the stock fan and install a leaf blower as a new air source. This will make the airflow stronger and come out of the holes on top faster.

Step 2: Create Space for Corner Posts

Take out enough of the corners of the table to fit a railing post or pole to install. First nail a screw or nail in the corner for initial support.

Step 3: Install Posts

Install posts on to the corners with hot clue.

Step 4: PVC Supports

Slide down sawed off pvc tubes slightly wider than the poles. This adds more support for the poles to stand upright.

Step 5: Finished

After all these steps have been completed then you now have an improved and more useful table to play on. The air will be stronger and the posts are a great place to attach plates anything to hang or hold while you play hockey.

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    Nice. I always wanted to make my own air hockey table. Thanks for sharing the design.