AIR for Android

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Intro: AIR for Android

This presentation will walk you the entire development process of the AIR for mobile application from design to deployment. Chris Griffith will show you how he designed and built the application using a variety of tools and techniques.

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Step 1: AIR for Android 2/9 Ergonomics

Step 2: AIR for Android 3/9 AIR

Step 3: AIR for Android 4/9 AIR Application Setup Android/iOS

Step 4: AIR for Android 5/9 AIR Code Samples

Step 5: AIR for Android 6/9 AIR New Features

Step 6: AIR for Android 7/9 Hitting Walls /limitations

Step 7: AIR for Android 8/9 Ios/andriod and Summery

Step 8: AIR for Android 9/9 Best Practices



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