How to Make Lamp From Toy Gun and Ikea

Introduction: How to Make Lamp From Toy Gun and Ikea

Hello friends!

I decided to make a birthday gift for my friend. As you know, all men's are children at heart. The boy was 35 years old, he is fond of strikeball, and I decided that the table lamp in the form of an AK-47, will be a perfect gift for him.

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Step 1:

To make the lamp I will needed:

- Toy gun

- Lampshade

- Lamp base

- RGB light bulb

- Soil and spray paint

- Aluminium tube

The lampshade and base for the lamp I ordered from Ikea. Toy gun I bought at the toy store.

Step 2:

First thing I did was disassemble the gun and throw out all unnecessary. I left only reload mechanism and the trigger.

Step 3:

Base tube diameter 12 mm. It's too thick for the muzzle, so I made an adapter. Used an 8 mm diameter aluminum tube.

Step 4:

In order for the 8mm tube to enter the barrel, it had to be squandered.

Step 5:

Next I made a hole for the base tube.

Step 6:

Also made a hole in the decorative cover.

Step 7:

Further I decided to to remove traces from casting plastic. I took sandpaper and cleaned up the tracks.

Step 8:

Before applying the primer, I took a fine sandpaper and processed all the parts of the machine.

Step 9:

All dedusted and degreased. I start painting. The soil was applied in 2 layers.

The first layer.

Step 10:

Second layer.

Step 11:

In the white version, the machine looks great. But after drying the soil, on the" wooden " parts of the machine, the paint began to turn yellow.

Step 12:

Paint was applied in 3 layers. Each layer was dried for at least an hour.

Step 13:

After painting waited 2 days before proceeding to the final Assembly.

Step 14:

While the paint dried, I began to assemble a rack for the machinegun. Cut off the bulb base and the wire.

Step 15:

Took an aluminum tube on 8 mm, inserted into the bulb base and filled with superglue.

Step 16:

To fix this tube, I wound some duct tape. I put it in a black tube and Superglued it

Step 17:

Proceed to the final Assembly. I fix the tubes with the help of thermal glue.

Step 18:

The horn of the machine gun also fixed on the hot melt glue.

Step 19:

I will will use led bulb with RGB backlight and Bluetooth speaker. The brightness of the lamp is controlled by the remote control. You can turn on the multi-colored backlight, turn on the music through the Bluetooth speaker. The volume of the speaker is enough for a room with an area of 15m.

Step 20:

Here is such spectacular lamp I have made. The lamp perfectly fit into the interior of my friend's apartment. By the way, he was pleasantly surprised by my gift!

Step 21:

Hope you liked my lamp! Try to create your own lamp.

See you soon!

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    thank you so much!


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    Проголосовал, удачи)


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    Большое человеческое спасибо! :)