A&M Mobile Notary & Legal Document Assistance

Hi, I truly believe that the type of business I am wanting to start will be exactly what a lot of people need due to the down turn in the economy.

As I stated in my video, my middle daughter, is going through rough times...She is going through issues with her divorce and has had to obtain an attorney and her fees, while reasonable, are still quite a bit. Then she is dealing with an attorney who is helping her fight for Social Security Disability for my grandson, who is 5, he has Cystic Fibrosis and we finally had to hire the attorney due to be turned down on the third try. All this is very expensive and when you are young and fighting to keep a roof over your head, a job, children stable, etc., it becomes overwhelming when someone tells you their fee is $1,000 or $3,500.

In addition, you have those individuals who are on a fixed income, elderly or disabled, who may not be able to afford attorney's fees and just need simple clarification or a Notary signature on legal documentation.

I know I can be of service and would like to be of service to anyone in my community who is on a fixed or who has a minimal income.

Thank you.



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