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  • Blow your friends away with this amazing and simple trick gravity-defying coin trick!! Have fun and don't forget to comment, favorite and watch the video above. I hope you enjoy and dont forget to VOTEplease, please please vote i have never had any prizes and this is my chance, so anyone who comes on here PLEASE just click the vote button its that easy and it will give me the chance, that i deserve, to win a prize. so PLEASE CLICK THE "VOTE" BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You



- 2X Tall Glasses

- 1X Small Glass

- A Ruler Or Thin Plastic

- Some Strong Magnets (At Least 2)

- 2-4 Magnetic Coins

- Your Hands


To start with take your 2 tall glasses and place them about 10-30 cm apart depending on the length of your piece of plastic or ruler. Once you have done that put the ruler over the 2 glasses and place the smaller glass below. Now put the weakest of your magnets on the top of the ruler and attach the other one to the bottom of the ruler.


Now you have completely set up your trick take 2-4 coins making sure that they stick to the magnet (small New Zealand or England coins work great especially the copper ones). Next stick them to the magnet vertically like in the photo and align the small glass below so that the edge of it is directly below the dangling coins. Heres the tricky part, now you will have to gently pull the coins off the magnet making sure not to make any sudden movements or else they could tumble so slowly bring them lower and lower to the edge of the glass until they touch and gently release them. They should stand upright on the edge of the glass and stay there, if not the then try to raise the glass by using some books or cup coasters or realign the glass into a better position.

Step 4: RESULT!

This is what it should look like when you have finished i hoped you liked it and if it was too confusing then feel free to watch the video. Now you can go out and blow your friends away with your new magic. ENJOY!!

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im from New Zealand and all our smaller coins are magnetic and i also believe England coins work too.

3 replies

I tried with a NZ 50c balancing on a 10c

hahahahaha super magnetic micro chips in them or WHAT!!!!!!!

It's in the text:

"Heres the tricky part, now you will have to gently pull the coins off
the magnet making sure not to make any sudden movements or else they
could tumble"

The coins are lightly magnetized, but while the coin touching the rim of the glass seems to rest on one of its notches, I'd think it still takes a very steady hand to get the coins to balance :)

have you watched the video because that only took me a matter of seconds to balance the 2 coins

Ahaaa. I didn't until now. If people see the magnet stack, how can they be amazed?

I once had a pen that stood upright the same way in aholder where the magnets were hidden; one in the pen and another at a little "roof" over it. You could make such a holder, masked as an overgrown coaster. Perhaps add a LED to light up your drink and the coins - would explain the "roof" and add eye catching effect :)

you can also slowly remove the magnets and get the coins to balance on their own!!!! thats very amazing!!!!!!!

whats your point????????? also encouraging comments only

Don't get bent out of shape DEEJAY642. It's obvious Omnivent IS trying to help and ENCOURAGE by telling you of what he saw and telling you about other options to make the trick better. Like so you can take a picture of the whole thing and make it look more believable. Also, I think what you did was awesome and sharing it with us was great because it made me curious so I had to come and see. At the same time, this is what instructables are for, so others could help make the trick or project happen in different ways. Besides, it takes a big person to welcome and try others' ideas. Nice ible either way.

thanks for helping me understand!! sorry i should have been more broad minded!! anyway dont forget to vote if you like what you saw!!

no I didn't watch the video, imbedded videos don't play on the mobile app...

sorry about that but that is the best i can do.... dont forget to check out my other instructables and vote on them!!! thanks

thanks for the comment. Yes i know, i was in a rush and that was the easiest way but here is a picture of it not in the notch. In the second photo it looks like it but if you study it closely you will see that the notch is a tiny bit off to one side.


you can if you want or if you were really tricky you could go the extra step and try taking the magnets gently away!!!! thanks for the comment