Introduction: AMBULANCE-FRIENDLY TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM —-wired Version (pre-project)

In today’s busy world, everyone is in a hurry. To go to work, school, college, or whatever it may be, there is always hurry. This ultimately turns out as an unruly traffic on the roads. Metro cities (like Chennai), in particular, are places where traffic jams are a routine. This could not affect anyone or anything, more than ambulances. We have seen a lot of cases, where ambulances get caught amidst the almost immovable traffic jams, unable to reach the place of emergency in time. This is a very disastrous thing, as it could cost lives. It is very difficult to find a permanent solution for this, unless we have separate lanes for ambulances. So, through this project, we propose a solution to reduce the magnitude of the problem, by controlling the traffic, and creating an Ambulance-friendly Traffic Control System.This project aims at creating an ambulance friendly traffic system, by regulating the traffic with the help of traffic signals which respond to a oncoming ambulance. The traffic signal is supposed to turn green, when an ambulance is nearby. It must change back to red, when the ambulance has crossed a particular distance.The actual idea is to have a transmitter on the ambulance, which will send signals of unique frequencies along with the siren. This signal will be received by a receptor in the next few traffic signals. Once the signals are received, the receptor will identify the signal and change the traffic lights from red (if so) to green for the next few metres, so that traffic jam doesn’t happen and the ambulance will not get stuck in the traffic. This keeps happening, so that the ambulance need not stop anywhere in its course, because of traffic.

This is a Wired prototype , the wireless transmission module is on process , will be uploaded soon .

Contributor: K.R.Anandh Natarajan

Arduino UNO

Bred Board

10k resistors

Jumper Wires


Red, Yellow and Green LEDs

Laptop with Arduino IDE

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Hello, how are you ?, I'm a student from Chile and I'm doing my thesis on this type of technologies, I wanted to ask you more about the operation of this arduino and if you could do your project finally

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great design. I hope you will post more as you develop the idea.


    Reply 4 years ago

    sure sir , i'm working on it to do better