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Introduction: A.M.E.E. Animation



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    in the meantime - check out linkage V3 a windoze program for working it out the hard way :)


    I was just going to mention that project! Are they making it commercially available? Anyway, great project. Can you embed a YouTube video?

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    i actually hunted down an email from one of the designers involved with the Disney research and begged them to make it public - that software is just mind blowing. but he said Disney had no current plans for making it public.

    Can't say I'm surprised. Good thing smart people like us can figure it out on our own! Anyway, this is a really cool project. Mechanical art is going to be huge in the near future because of the plunging cost of rapid prototyping. You're on the cutting edge, joehan!

    Many thanks to get this information ! It's sad Disney doesn't want to make the software available and the years are passing quickly. Maybe another company or group will see the potential.

    very cool. Have you checked out Disney's computational design of mechanical characters software?