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Its a 3D plane very easy to fly.It is 4 cannel (rudder free. but you can instal it).I have made it using high density thermo foam sheet of 1 inch thickness. its wing span is 35inches and length of 32 inches.Its very easy to fly espacially for beginers .Electronics include:

>1100kv brushless motor

>40amp ESC (you can use 25-40A

)>2200mAh,25C,3S lipo battery

>10*5 prop>3.1kg torque servos (2)

With these electronics the weight of my plane is 700 grams


Step 1: Arranging Prints From PDF

Simply take out prints of pdf and attach prints in increasing order and tape them as shown in above pictures

Step 2: Cutting of Paper Plane From Attached Prints and Pasting It on Thermofoam Sheet :D

Get the paper plane from attached prints by cutting it from edges. I have further cut the paper plane parts so that it becomes more easy to assemble it.(Veiw third pic so you can get it)

Step 3: Cutting Thermofoam Sheet by Hot Wire

Cut the thermo foam sheet carefully as marked by pasting paper plane.Do this step carefully and PATIENTLY

In this step also cut the fittings of main wing and tail with paper cutter( the empty spaces in which main wing and tail will be fit soon)

Step 4: Painting I and Fitting Main Wing and Tail

Paint the wing,tail and main body using poster colours and left it for 30-60 minutes.Take some wood glue in bowl and add water in it until you feel that its thin enough and also has adhesive power .

Don't mix so much water , other wise it will be so diluted and will be no more glue

NOTE: In this step before painting make the front edges of wing and tail streamlined ( so that not much drag force will be on wing and flight will become smooth )

Step 5: Adding Flaps on Tail and Wing

First I want to overcome your confusion in pics... actually by mistake I coloured the plane first and then streamlined its wing and tail lolz ... but you have to first streamline them and then paint it lolz..

Add flappers on tail and wing by any joining medium (tape,hing etc) .But i have used X-Ray sheet for joining them with wing or tail as it is light weight

Step 6: Adding Electronics and Finishing

Add electronics i.e




>push horns etc

Note: Do not fix battery pack as it will be fitted at the end in a place so that plane's CG (center of gravity ) will be adjusted. Add landing gears if you need other wise hand launch and hand land is perfect option.Attach any material to strengthen the wing so that it cannot bend during flight and you can fly the plane in a free style (e.g wood stick as i have used ).

Give your plane final look i.e paint it if there are scratches

Step 7: Adjusting the CG(Center of Gravity)

Heres how to find cg on an amos wing for 3d.It will never change no matter what size you build it.for regular flying just go slightly ahead.

Use the above pictures to set the center of gravity. For this here are some points
1)Join the points of intersection on both wings

2) The line will cut the main body at a specific point.

This will be the CG point of the plane You can see that i have used to thread the plane at that point and suspend it freely.

Place the battery pack so that plane will remain in suspended horizontal position..... This step must be done carefully because the best the CG , the best and smooth will be the flight.


Your plane is now ready to fly.First test your plane and then go for a maiden flight



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    Good effort ! But some work is needed on writing ! :) And picture editing ! :)


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    wowwwwww...i will try it man....keep it up bro

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