About: My name is Lina Toro, I live in Medellin, Colombia and I´ve been a makeup artist for more than 5 years. I´m a self taught makeup artist specialising on editorial makeup and special effects.

This is my Makeup / FX created from scratch for the character of Angelique from the movie Hellraiser Bloodline.

I made this using stuff I had laying around at home and some supplies I collected whilst doing (or trying to do) basic special FX. I used materials such as cotton, toilet paper, latex and paint cause I also enjoy doing crafts at home to relax and I thought this would be an easier way to create something without having to invest a ton of money.


-foam head

- vaseline

- liquid latex

- talc

- a clear glass to work on

- toilet paper

- cold porcelain

- acrylic paint in red, beige, brown and black

- wool

- clear minwax

- cotton and latex paste (equal parts of both)

- rubber elastics

- silver nailpolish

- glue stick

- flesh coloured powder

- black eyeshadow makeup

- contour palette makeup

- water activated paint for bodypainting

- fake eyelashes

- crimson lipstick

- pros aide

Step 1: Make the Shoulder Pieces

Using cotton and latex I made the desired shapes for the shoulders. Then painted them with acrylic paint.

Step 2: Make the Fake Wire

Since movility is a big issue with this costume, I decided to use rubber elastics so I could move my head freely.

I coated each string of rubber elastic with silver nailpolish so they would look like wire and let it dry overnight.

Step 3: Do Your Makeup and Be Sure to Block Out Your Eyebrows

I blocked mine using glue stick and coats of flesh coloured powder. If your eyebrows are way to dark or thick you should try using a orange based concealer after your apply the first coat of glue stick. It will block the color off.

Add as many layers as you need by repeating the process.

I used water activated body paint to make the top. It will look shiny as if you wore latex. I also wore a black top to cover my boobs obviously cause I´m a prude (gotta cover them girls).

Finished off my face with dark eyeshadow, a bit of contour , fake eyelashes and crimson lips.

Step 4: Attach the Pieces to Yourself and You Are Done!

I wore the bald cap, attached the head piece to the bald cap using a special fx glue called pros aide and attached the shoulder pieces to my shoulders. To attach the fake wires to the latex pieces I made I previously punched some holes on them and just connected them with little knots.

You can paint the rest of the gory details with the same water activated fx paint.

Now you are ready to spook everyone!



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Awesome! Professional look!


1 year ago

I'm so sorry you were not a finalist in the contest. Never, ever give up, though, and don't stop creating your fabulous Instructables. Enter a bit earlier next time, and never lose hope. You are definitely on my watch list. :-)


1 year ago

I have to admit, I honestly thought the shoulder parts were for real. I am glad they aren't. Bravo in a most believable make up.

1 reply

thank you! I´m glad I spooked you! (on a good nice way of course) haha


1 year ago

Pardon me, whilst I pick up my jaw that is now on the table. This is so many shades of awesome, and so realistic. Your features are simply beautiful, and play well with your talent in makeup. A standing ovation is in order. Wow!

1 reply

thank you!! I´m so so happy you liked it! I always thought my features were very uncommon for someone on my country, guys here often go for the delicate features. Thank god I´ve come to discover that looking a certain way allow me to really transform with makeup. You are beyond sweet!

thank you!! I´m beyond happy I stuck with this idea, it really took all my patience and care. I always despair and do things the fast way but this time I really took my time to make it just as I envisioned

It looks so realistic! Very detailed as well

1 reply

and it took me only 15 days...can you believe I had the patience to do something for 15 days without quitting? haha