Introduction: ANTI MISSILE ROBOT_part 2

About: As a young kid, my curiosity in electronics was compelling.... why does thunder interrupt the radio reception? ....why does ROBOTs run without any wire?.... and I've been hooked on making thing ever since.

The very first time i think at what a robot does.that use a water rocket to be an ANTI MISSILE ROBOT......

the water rocket that carry an arduino-mini, when after auto tracking to the target and

auto de-attaching from rockets in order to avoid himself be destroyed !

and ~

the water rockets will not fighting each other because of the rockets
don't burn any fuel and they don't emitting light !

maybe there is someone wondering about the man who launching the rocket(part_4 : the tower) too !

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Step 1: Material

Step 2: Testing Activity Wings (in Prototype With Mini)

soldering the control circuit for controlling the loose coupling motor.

i use a 2003 to integrate the H bridge circuit as an inverting circuit

, OR circuit in order to do --

1)STOP : power OFF.

2)FORWARD : power ON, forward ON,relay 1 OFF(reverse OFF).

3)REVERSE : power ON, reverse ON, relay 1 ON(reverse ON).

and then test the loose coupling motor gear again.

Step 3: Flight Testing and Wind Hole

Since i don't have any wind hole, so i use water for testing with fan.

Step 4: Coding

it's the same program with the launcher's program.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The first time I read this I had to re-read it twice. Your description is SO wonderful, (humor). What about a anti-antirobot :) You really catch the meaning with "instuctables" Just love this...


    Reply 3 years ago

    the very first i think about the a "robot" does.

    it'is a thing that do the man can't do, and

    a thing that could protect all the people !

    that what the anti-missile robot named means!