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Well, April Fool's here. A day where we enjoy fooling people and making them a victim of our practical jokes. Well, here's a quick and easy-to-make practical joke to fool your family and friends....
So, Let's start making it....


Here's what you need :-
1. Carefully opened chocolate wrappers such that they are only opened from the top.

2. Corrugated Cardboard

3. Hot Glue gun or Super Glue

4. Black Marker

5. Help of this Instructable by Anirudh Ralhan (hee...hee...)

Step 2: Make the Fake Chocolate....

Take your Corrugated cardboard and cut it to the dimensions of the chocolate. Keep Hot glueing stacks of similar sized pieces till you achieve the desired height.

Step 3: Write Your Message....

Take your Marker and write your regards on the Fake Chocolate (hee...hee)

Step 4: Insert and Seal the Open End....

Insert the Fake Chocolate in the wrapper and seal the end properly with super glue or hot glue.... Make sure to match the ends properly.

Step 5: Prank People

Done! Now Give it to your freinds or family and enjoy their reaction when they open it. If possible, try to get them to open it from the already closed end...

Tip : April Fool's day has more become boring because everyone expects a pranks on that day. Try Keeping the whole month or week of April as Fool's Month/Week and Prank your Friends when they least expect it... Just get away by saying "APRIL FOOL'S!!!"

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