ARDUINO 4*4 OR 4*3 KEYPAD :- Convert Key Pressed Into Intiger Value





Introduction: ARDUINO 4*4 OR 4*3 KEYPAD :- Convert Key Pressed Into Intiger Value

This instructables will guide you to connect the 4*4 or 4*3 keypad to arduino and get the intiger value of which you have pressed the keys

for making this you will need following parts and component:

1) Arduino uno or any other board
2)usb cable to connect arduino uno
3)4*4 or 4*3 keypad which is as shown in image
4)8 or 7 no. of male to male jumper wire.

Following software/programme is needed:

Arduino software - i have used 1.6.8
Keypad library
extract the file and copy the keypad folder to arduino's library folder path or grab files from this instructables.
and finally you need my code , just get it from this instructables

Step 1: Connection

connect keypad's R0---to--- A0 PIN of arduino







by using male to male jumper wire connect keypad to Arduino

Connect usb cable to arduino .

Step 2: Now Get Ready to Programme

now upload the code keypad_final.ino to your arduino board
and open the serial moniter and see the results.

oila it's done.
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    3 Discussions

    Thank you very much for this instructable. It is exactly what I was looking for! I am doing a geocache project that compares actual temperature (from a sensor) to the number a person "guesses" what the temperature is. Perfect!

    Thank you sir.

    Bas 1 saro camera hoy to bija bau badha instructables lakhie.