With this project I want to show you the way on how to convert an RC car into an Auto Controlled car with Arduino Uno R3.

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Step 1: ​Required Materials:

RC car (with separated back wheel motors)

Arduino Uno R3

9V battary


Ultra Sonic sensor HC-SR04

On/Off switch

Wire cutter

Electric drill

Step 2: Connecting RC Car H-BRIDGE With Arduino

I opened the car and found the pcb which is controlling the two motors. I identified the points that are responsible for the four motor movements (Left motor front, Left motor back, Right motor front, Right motor back) and soldered four wires. Then I connected them at the pins 9, 10, 11, 12 of the Arduino board as shown in the picture.Last but not least, I connected the GND of the H-BRIDGE to the GND of the Arduino board.

Step 3: Connecting Ultra Sonic Sensor to Arduino

Then I connected the Ultra Sonic sensor with the Arduino board like this:

VCC pin to pin 5V of the Arduino board,

GND pin to GND pin of the Arduino board,

Trig pin to pin 8 of the Arduino board and

Echo pin to pin 7 of the Arduino board.

Step 4: Power Connections

To power the Arduino I joined it with a 9V battery to the dc jack and because I didn't want to waste the battery's power I cut the Volt wire and soldered an On/Off switch. Then to make it more stylish I made a hole at the car with the electric drill at the size of the switch and put it in there.

Step 5: Sketch

Now you can find the attached sketch that I made.

Step 6: Video

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    3 years ago

    Good work. Obstacle avoiding robots are always cool.


    3 years ago

    This is great! I remember my first obstacle avoiding robot. Yours is so much better!

    1 reply