These are the instructions on how to use an old Hard drive to build a Arduino powered sumo ROBOT !

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Step 1: Fully Dismantle the Hard-drive !

Using a TORX T9 fully dismantle the Hard-drive piece by piece !

Step 2: Glue the 360º Servo Motors to the Aluminum Base !

Please make sure the servos are aligned with each other !

Step 3: Glue the Arduino to the Aluminum Base !

Using hot glue or resin type epoxy glue the Arduino to your base.

Step 4: Glue the Front Wheel (caster) to the Chassis !

If you can use an existing hole to secure the wheel !

Step 5: Glue the Ultrasonic Sensor SR-HC04 to the Chassis !

Glue the sonar sensor to the chasis and connect the 4 wires to Power and pins 12 and 13

Step 6: Glue the White Line Sensor to the Robot's Bely :D

Construct one of my white line sensors using my instructable here

Glue it between the front caster and the rear wheels !

Step 7: Using a Speed Clip to Secure Your Switches !

Cut the + conductor (the red one from the battery ) and make it pass through a switch in order to kill the power to your ROBOT ! If you want use a second switch to kill the power to your servo motors !

The speed clips usually come with new car speakers... so for me they were free...

Here is an image of what is a speed clip:

Step 8: Connect Power, Sensors and Servos to Arduino !

Connect one servo control signal (orange one) to Arduino Pin 10 and the other servo control wire to Pin 11.

White line sensor out wire is connected do Arduino pin 9.

The wires ECHO and TRIGGER from the Ultrasonic Sensor are connected to pins 12 and 13 respectively !

All ground black wires and GND pins are connected together !

Red wires are all connected together as long as you do not exceed 5V... or else connect the red wire to Arduino's Vin and use the 5V Vout from your Arduino to power your 5V sensors...

SERVOS SHOULD USE A SEPARATE POWER SUPPLY of 6V maximum (connect black wire to the other black wires as ALL GROUND WIRES AND PINS MUST BE CONNECTED)

Step 9: UPLOAD the Example Program to Your HDD SUMO ROBOT

I have used some code available free ONLINE to create this simple piece of code that you can upload to your ROBOT and test it !

have fun !

Step 10: Have Fun Throwing Your Opponents Out of the Ring !

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