Introduction: ASCII-Art

I'll show you how to do great ASCII-Art the very simple way. Sorry for my bad English - I'm German ;)

Step 1: Choose a Picture

Choose any image from the internet or from your desktop. It should have no background and not too much little parts. Comic-figures work best.
For this instructable, I'll choose Homer Simpson.

Step 2: Copy the Picture Into Word

Open a new Word-document and paste the picture into it. You can set the size if you want.

Step 3: Set the Image Properties

Now do a right-click on the image and choose the last option (In German it's Grafik formatieren, I don't know what it is in English). In 'Position', normally move object with text or something like that is hooked. If it is so, click it, that it doesn't move with the text. Right beside 'Position' is another option, Textfluss in German. Click on Transparent. Then click OK. If the picture has moved down, move it up again. Open the menu again and click on the the option right beside Transparent. It should be named Without or something like that. On 'Graphic', set the colors to grey and the brightness to 70.

Step 4: Set the Font and Begin to 'paint'

Set the font to Courir New, size 10 or 12. Now type over the image, line for line. For the background simply use spaces. For lightly colored areas use letters like ! or l. For normally colored areas use letters like C, E or F, for dark colored use Ms and Ws. For the edges you can use (, ), V, A, Y, d, b and so on. Try to catch the picture with the letters.

Step 5: Finish

When you're done, remove the picture and you've made a brillant ASCII-Art-Document. Take a screenshot, if you want.



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I was used many photo convert to ascii art text but not support games chat cuz very big text art and more text works so game chat box not take it. so I need help about how can text art for games chatbox and photo convert to ascii art text small size?

"Grafik Formatieren" is "Graphic Flow", and "Textfluss" is "Text Flow".

n linux:

$ jp2a -b --colors -i hs.jpg

Pictured is the html output version.

More info at:

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That's a great tutorial! I wonder how many guys have taped tracing paper on their old CRT's just trying to do the same. If you're short on time, but like the idea of ascii art, try - it really doesn't get easier. -=cP

Vancouver Island Hiking Trail - ASCII art.png

Thank you. You made it clear and easy. Btw my sister in law lives in Herdurn

Nice job! Homer is my favorite cartoon character too.

Thanks for showing us.

text-image required no download and DOES NOT have limited features (unless your buy it for $30) BUT I must say, I do love the free draw feature :)

this is really cool! but there are programs who do it for you and they will usually do it better.

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dis was very useful buddy!!!!thnXX
but can u tell me any software or any website dat can convert fb pics into ascii art so dat i can update it in my status!!!!!!

i couldn't fin out how to do it like ^^^^^^^^^ but i did it in color and without the picture overlay. Could you comment on how i did?

mario ascii art.jpgawesome face ASCII.jpgmickey.jpeg
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