The ASR v1: Assault Sniper Rifle

Alright! This is my first real K'NEX gun, as in the first one I made with little-no assistance, designed myself, and made from scratch. It took me almost a month to complete and it's the best that it can be right now, although I am not completely satisfied by it. Let's get into the pros and cons....

-Looks awesome
-Feels awesome
-OK Range - 40 feet
-Pin guide
-Shoots grey sniper rods
-Has foregrip - (sorry I forgot that in the pictures)

-Super piece consuming
-Probably a little long for some (although its fine for me)

It's a great weapon and all, but unfortunately, it will not be posted. On the bright side, it's pieces are being used to support my next project, and I have a pistol-- that will be posted (Yay!)--on the way. 

Stay tuned!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    well, it looks fantastic, but it's single shot, and not innovative at all, try adding a preloadable magazine or something and I'll give a try of building it.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Actually I did try giving it a mag and had many, many failed attempts. Also, I already said it's not getting posted. And as for innovation, A lot of new internal designs were incorporated into this gun; a lot of stuff I've never seen before in my 2.5 years of k'nexing. However you couldn't see them in the pictures... so I understand your claim.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I can show you the inside of the handle, but that's about it since everything else has been taken apart.


    It indeed has good looks! But how does the trigger work? It looks like it has a weird angle, that looks a bit uncomfortable to pull, but that could be just me

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    Oh. In some of the pictures the trigger kindof fell forward, and that's not the real resting point. In pictures 2, 3 and 4, you can see the triggers true resting point, where it is a comfortable pull. As for how the trigger works, well, it's a standard mechanism. But I'll show you in picture form anyway!!!

    Super standard: The trigger pushes the secondary trigger, which blocks the mech. Although the gun is taken apart, I believe that is the exact mech I used. The tape and extra rods on the pin block are for more resistance to bending. (that mech liked to bend with too many bands)