ASTRA 2012 (Weapon 2012)


Introduction: ASTRA 2012 (Weapon 2012)

ASTRA 2012
(Sci-fi GUN)

ASTRA is a Bangla (language of Country BANGLADESH) word, means Weapon
this is a Sci-i Gun made in 2012. 
made of garbage: bottles, wood, printer cartage, wiper of windshield, and lot's of imagination. 

i hope you will like it.

it has 3 barrels, can fire simultaneously and also can swap with ESC key or function keys: F1 F2 F3.

any parts of these gun is NOT extracted from other toy guns...

please suggest and post comments.

good day to all
this is
Dhaka, Bangladesh



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    Please follow the images below, this is the making process, use some used items around us....


    Astra 2012 making (5).jpgAstra 2012 making (4).jpgAstra 2012 making (3).jpgAstra 2012 making (2).jpgAstra 2012 making (1).jpg