ATmega328P BOOTLOADER and IDE programmer

You need:
1: Experimental board from EVIL MAD SCIENTIST LAB. in USA - find them here:

2: 5V Micro USB Tiny AVR ISP ATtiny44, found on EBAY from China.
3: 16 MHz x-tal, also from China
4: 2 pc. 22 pF capasitors, I use SMD but other is OK
5: 1 resistor 10 K Ohm
6: 1 pc. 3M programming-sockel, 28 pin
7: soldering tool

8: 3 pc. LED-diode
9: 3 pc. 390 Ohm Resistors
10: IC 7805, 5 volt regulator
11: 2 x 10 uF, 25 Volt Capasitors, (minus to ground)

With the board in your hand, you just put on the components and solder them - there is nothing in it.

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Step 1:


The programmer can do both BOOTLOADER- and IDE-programming.

In menu, TOOL, set the BOARD to "Arduino Duemilanove or Diesemila". You will se an ADD of "ATmega328" in the next line.
If you use a 5V Micro USB Tiny AVR ISP ATtiny44, you do not have to define a COM-port, as you se, there is not any to select.
Select "Programmer" as "USBtinyISP", and you are DONE the setup.

Step 2:

BOOTLOADER Programming

Now just push the line "Burn Bootloader" in the TOOL-menu, and you are FINISHED.

Step 3:

Arduino IDE Programmer
The SETUP is the same as for Bootloading, but look at the menu-line under SKETCH, and here you will find a point "Upload Using Programmer". Shortkey is "Ctrl-Shift + U".

There is another shortform for this command:

"Hold Down the shift-key, and push the UPLOAD-button with your mouse."

So now, LOAD your sketch into the ARDUINO IDE, hold Down the shift-key, and push the UPLOAD-button, and you are DONE.

A fast and easy project, finished before x-max.
VY 73 de OZ6YM, Palle

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    2 years ago

    Dear friend UtkarshVerma

    I am an Experimenting RadioHAM Amateur, and like to do the things easy, so my ATmega328P Bootloader is now... at all time... ready to use...

    More at:

    Injoy your ARDUINO, and have a nice day...


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for your comment...
    I do not need 2 pc. of Arduino UNO to make a bootload... hihi
    vy 73 de OZ6YM, Palle


    Reply 2 years ago

    your method does beat my method in that aspect, but my method doesn't require much effort. Anyways, there are always more than one solutions to a problem.


    3 years ago

    Good info, thanks for sharing this.