ATtiny85 Robot Insect V2.0




Have been looking for a more real bug, which is more beautiful than my previous Instructables

And this is my solution

The first picture is mine the second picture is from the internet

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Step 1: Homemade Parts

These parts you need, it's just a few steps make in no time

Step 2: Foto's and Video

This is the best of an instructables if it really works

I find the movements are better than the previous Instructables

Step 3: Asked for Help

I am very bad in programming myself, so I ask a helping hand that could program a few extension

I would like to install 2 leds that are used as eyes that pink

Or walking backwards

Or a sharp IR sensor GP2D12 to avoid any obstacles

Or an IR remote control to stop backwards to the left to the right

Or build a piezo that makes a Crickets sound or so

And another dream is that two insect communicate with each other, like a swarm of bots

We have of course only 5 (6) inputs or outputs available, but one or two extensions should work anyway i think??

I hoop I find someone which would help me voluntarily of course

Thanks anyway

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