ATtiny85 Robot Insect



The intention is to build an as simple as possible yet beautiful robot insect, and then apply it to their own choice, as a swarm insect or equipped with an IR sensor or color sensor ........

I would like to see two Robot Insects could communicate with each other via IR or Mic and Piezo

Sorry for my bad Englisch

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Step 1: 3D Printing

Step 2: Hardware

First I made two prints like the picture

You look from above through the board, if you understand me

The smallest PCB is for Robotic Insect, I do not think there needs explanation
The larger PCB is for programmed via an Arduino Uno, the ATtiny85 The structure I think is easy to understand

The LED that is re-signed, is red and indicates that something is wrong if this fire

For programming I do the following

1 I load in the Arduino Uno the "ArduinoISP" program, which is already in the Arduino Uno see foto1

2 Unplug the USB cable from the Arduino Uno

3 Place the PCB with the 3 LEDs on top of the Arduino Uno, see that there's is an ATtiny85 in the right direction in the PCB

4 Then connect the USB cable back to the Arduino Uno

5 Set my settings to program the ATtiny85 see foto2

6 Take the program "ATtiny85_Robot_Horse.ino"and load it ........

7 Removed the USB cable from the Arduino Uno

8 Take the ATtiny85 from board and place it in the small PCB Robot Insect

9 Turn on the switch of the Robot Insect and then if all is well the Insect start walking

Between ( ) I am not responsible for any misunderstandings or mistake

Sorry if things go wrong

Step 3: Software

Step 4: Assembly

Step 5: Modifications

1 First and foremost, run better and run faster

2 Left turn, right turn and walk back

3 Programming the IR sensor as obstacle avoider or follower

But I have some need help, so if someone feels called to help me is accepted with thanks

Step 6: Video

This is my first test with the robot insects
You can see that the IR sensor is not connected yet, because I still have not found a decent program The walk I find myself a little stiff, maybe with other legs or to change what times in the program would have been better than now ???????

These settings are like on my video

void loop() {

myServo1.write(60); // Move Waist 15 delay 100


myServo2.write(150); // Move Legs 40 delay 150


myServo1.write(120); // 140 delay 100


myServo2.write(30); // 130 delay 150



if (counter >= 10) { // 20

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