AUDREY 2 POD 1,2,3,4,





Welcome the steps here will be very easy. and good for high schools to use. you can use green on you plants if you like but I to use blue.

Step 1: POD 1

You Will Need

  • Old Shirt (That fits puppeteer's hand)
  • Little plant pod
  • And table with hole in it
  • Fake roots
  1. Cut the bottom off the pot
  2. Add the roots to it
  3. Cut of the shirt part of the shirt and leave the sleeve.
  4. Glue the sleeve to the bottom of the Pot

And you are done

Step 2: POD 2

You will need

  • one more shirt
  • a pot
  • fake roots
  • Chair with hole in it
  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pot
  2. add roots
  3. cut off the shirt bit to leave the sleeve bit
  4. glue the sleeve to the pot

I say that Seymour put the plant down before ya never know and have the plant then try to eat the girls.

Step 3: POD 3

You will need

  • Blue (OR GREEN) Blanket
  • Giant Fake Roots
  • Step stool
  1. Glue the blanket together
  2. Glue the roots to the stool
  3. make sure the blanket goes over the actors head

When use puppet have fingers in fist and hand 2 feet away

To make the puppet talk make the hands go in.

Go up and down with hands to talk fast.

Step 4: POD 4

You will need

  • 2 Sleeping bags
  • 30 giant roots
  • a table
  • a 2 feet tall step stool
  1. Glue the sleep bags together until they make a O
  2. flip the table until the woods is facing the people watching
  3. Glue the roots to the wood
  4. and put the step stool behind the woods
  5. when the step stool is there, put it next to the wood
  6. Glue the Sleeping bag to the wood that way in the picture

To make the puppet talk Push the top of the sleeping bag up

To eat people make them step in the mouth and onto the step stool and they will climb down into the plant

Step 5: THE END

Now you are ready to use the audrey 2s

the set and gas mask will be coming soon...



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FEED MESwansong

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It is very hard trying to make the plants but I have more plants coming up