"AUTOMATED" K'nex Ball Machine Elements




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The elements you are about to see come from our ball machine "Automated". I hope you find this instructable helpful. I will give tips and pointers on how you should do it.

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Step 1: Element

This element I got from someone but I changed it. It is a two ball activated,one ball comes rolling on and gets stuck in the pit. Then a second one comes and both balls fall off.


Step 2: Ferris Wheel

This is an amazing element. The ball will land in between the red connecters and white rods,causing the whole element to spin. However you need the ferris wheel to be more to one side so that when the ball lands on the ferris wheel it will tip over.

Step 3: Custom Modern Guard Rail

Guard rails keep the ball from coming off.

Step 4: Red Ball Dropper (in This Case Yellow)

This is a cool element. When the ball lands on the red rods/yellow rods, it will go down and let the ball roll off coincidently making the weight go up.

Step 5: Funnel

this comes in handy when catching flying balls

Step 6: Free Fall/catcher

This element is a type of free fall/catcher good for catching a ball after a loop

Step 7: Some Track...

This track is like the track in the background (what I call the boring track)

Step 8: Loop ( the Box Loop)

This is what We call the box loop it's main structure is a box and very easy to build you can make it as big as you want.

Step 9: The Switching Area

This is the switching area on our ball machine. It is somewhat different because the switches are sideways not upright. This method uses less space.

Step 10: Weird Funnel

This was used of coarse to catch a ball.

Step 11: The Video



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    14 Discussions


    Reply 3 years ago

    well its always nice to have them shown somewhere :D I like the funnel thing

    Nice! It's cool that the ball doesn't stay inside the base of the machine, it's just like it makes a whole travel in your house.

    3 replies

    We did suffer some broken balls though. The balls would keep falling off
    either right before or right after the Ferris wheel.either on that free
    fall,on the wheel itself,comes off too soon,gets misaligned and falls
    off on the side of the track,and sometimes ROLLS OVER THE TUBING ON THE
    OTHER END OF THE TRACK(the one that catches the ball)SOooOOOOO..... We
    have to put a big ugly guard rail on it!!!!!!!!!! :( Thanks for saying
    you like it.)


    6 years ago on Step 11

    Sorry the video wasn't working but I fixed it!