AUX Cable for Renault Megane


Introduction: AUX Cable for Renault Megane

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So you want to listen to music from you mp3 player or smartphone in your car but you dont have a aux port and you dont wont to pay for a new car radio with a aux port on it.Well you came to the right palce because I will show you how to make one your self for only 20$(onyl parts not shiping cost).This cable works with every Renault Megane from 2005 upwards.In this case Im going to show you for a Renault Megane 1.6 16v Grandtour Dynamique.So lets get started.

Step 1: Lets See the Parts and the Tools That You Will Need.


- One Mini Iso Connector AIV -
- One 3,5mm jack cable with no connector at the end -
- 3 Contact Pins for Mini Iso Connector -
- One Heatshrink(Optional) -


- One Soldering Iron -
- One Handy Tool -
- Tweezers -
- Battery Drill

Step 2: Soldering and Makeing the Connector.

First grab the Connection Pins and put some little Soldering Wire on them by heating the Pins and melting the Solder on them(Use the handy tool for help).Then heat up the Pins and insert the wire where the solder in and wait for it to cool down.Do this for the same for all pins.Now when you are done insert the pins into the connector(Like in the diagram below).Tip: the pins must me inserted like this - .If you want you can put some heatshrink on it like here - .

Step 3: Finished Cable

If you done everything right the cable should look like this.Now lets go to the car and finsih this.

Step 4: In the Car.

When you will be in the car put the radio out by inserting a screwdriver or a though wire into the for holes on the radio.Take the radio out and be sure that your car is off.Also take the lower deppartment out because you will need to drill a hole in it with the Electric Drill.Now when you drilled the hole insert the 3.5mm jack through the hole from behind.Take the other end with the Mini ISO connector through the bottom deppartment.Take out the Yellow Conector(Like in the picture below) and merge the two connectors togheter.Now when you done that insert the two connectors back and insert the radio back.Then insert the lower deppartment back.

Step 5: Turning on the AUX Function.

Now start the car and long hold the button with the music logo.Using the change station buttons switch to AUX function and turn it on by pressing the + button on the vollume button.When you done that just wait untill it exits automatilcly.

Step 6: Testing

Now press the SRC button to the AUX function,insert the 3.5mm jack in the mp3 player or smartphone and play some music.Enjoy :)



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