So we modded a box, from stuff around the house to extend their domain.
The idea is to give them a nest box or at least more space for a few weeks .

Step 1: Procure Finches

The family had just left, after a wonderfull week together,we needed some bird friends.
so we went and got some finches, from a local breeder. They bring a little more life to the new house and garden.

Step 2: Bit's and Bob's

Grab a few bit's that will help...

Step 3: Mark and Cut Out the Hole the Same Size As Cage Hole.

Im using a second hole on the side of the cage to mount the box over.
So i used a tape and found the gap was 100mmX100mm.
I centerd the hole up, but you could move it to the sides if needed.

Step 4: Dry Run Fixings

Here we offered the box up to the cage, so we could mark the positions of the bars to the cable ties. This was to make sure that once fixed it didnt slip down and leave a gap.
Then i used a pencil to push holes through the cardboard gently, I then stuck one of those reinforces over the punctured hole.

Step 5: Camoflage the Box.

Helen decided to cover the box to make it look nice.
we chose a natural theme to blend in of course.
so mark it up, cut and past.
we used sticky tape and that also helped firm up the edges.
I think the finished cover is great.

Step 6: Make the Roost Nice..COFFEE ALL OVER THE LAPtop.............omg No

IVE JUST SPILT COFFEE IN MY LAPTTOP IM now USING A SREEN BAORD. TO BE CONTINUED......... our first instructable go's so well.
the laptops in bits downstairs drying out..

Step 7: Fix the Box to Cage

fix the box to the side,making sure that they can not escape.
i put a bit of blockboard on top of the tie-wired top just to be sure.
i can get in from the top to clean.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    nice instructable, you should put a hole in the other side and then put gladwrap over it and tape/staple or woteva it on so you can still see inside there

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    what a great idea! i'd love to see pics of the aviary. i have 6 finches-two of them were born here in 2005-and would like to build them a nice aviary...i'm also in the process of making a hanging feeder out of a plastic party cup & a hummus container. hope the laptop fared as well as the birds!