AWESOME GLOVE BOX Kit for Your Vehicle.

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Hi, this instructible will show you how to make yourself ready for almost anything when you are in your car. PLEASE VOTE if you like it!!!!!

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Step 1: Step 1

First, you need to get a container for your glove box. It will need to bit in your glove box, but that's about the only requirement. I used a book safe, but you can use whatever you want. This is the ORIGINAL Instructable . You can make one , but I ask that you put a link to mine. please vote if you like this instructible.
What you need to do, is get a few things that you would want in your glove box. A few examples are a pocket knife, a small tape measure, some gum, find the extra key to the house, a small light, in something to entertain yourself others. This is what you see in the first picture. Some other ideas are an , some tissues, some duct tape, things like that that can be useful. The pictures I took and the suggestions I gave are all things I found it laying around my house. This is something you can do whether you are a college student, or a parent.

Step 2:

THANK YOU for reading this and VOTING if you like it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable!! I not to be critical but, to include a common pair of tweezers and a large help sign!! Pick any small flashlight will work and some paracord, some paper clips, neon colored post-it notes of your choice small screwdrivers etc. if you have access to a medical supply or know someone in health care- hemostats are small and greatest helper similar to a pair of needle nose pliers.