AWESOME Paper Airplane Glider

Introduction: AWESOME Paper Airplane Glider

An awesome paper airplane glider that will not disappoint you! AMAZING!!!

Step 1: Requirements

All you need is a piece of paper and pretty good paper airplane making experience

Step 2: Step 1:

fold the paper like in the 1st picture. then you fold the corners onto the middl line pics 2 and 3.

Step 3: Step 2:

fold tip 2/3 past boundary of un-folded paper. then fold top part evenly over itself one time

Step 4: Step 3:

Fold in half so that nothing is showing on the outside. then fold wing side to where it meets the side of body

Step 5: And You're Done!!!

At this point you are done- you can fold the wings if you wish



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21 Discussions

I think it was fairly easy...all of it. Yes it could have been more descriptive but it was easy. I admit, the fourth step could have been better but it just takes a little common sense...not that I have it, but...

What? I don't get why everyone is complaining about this. It was very simple to fold and follow, granted the pictures were pretty dark, but that's what the brightness setting is for on TVs and monitors... My 5 year old son was able to follow the pictures and fold this glider.. lol. It glides pretty nicely too.

I make in 10 minutes and it is great.I used a4 paper. I try to explane the difficult step. I hope my english is goed enough. If you lay down the plane as in the first picture in Step 4 Step 3;
Get a pensel make a dot about 5 mm from the left side down. and on the right site a dot from 35 mm. So you can draw a line about 30\degrees from left to right and fold down one site of the plane over the line to make a wing. Do the same at the other side but then the line from the right to the left.

I am sure if you can follow my explanation you will enjoy ur flying plane.

Consider re-writing these steps. It gets very confusing with the pictures and the lack of explanation. Thanks. Cool plane design though.

these pictures are impossible to follow, and also are you doing it with standard a4?

grr this is silly. its sooooo cofuzling!!!!!!

it was decent, the 4th step wasnt explained very well. should have said to fold a wings to make a 30 degree angle with the bottom of the plane

hey, do bettr nxt time! ok!?

the second picture on step four is the hardest lol omg

i threw this plane and it did loopdy loop and crashed to the ground, and i tried throwing it every way possible.

you lost me on stgep 3..i gave up in frustration !!

it's a complicated step but you'll see how it's done

this one is a little hard to do