In this instructable(?) i vill show you how to make barf

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Step 1: FIRST

First get some tomato soup, creamed corn, carrots(if desired but it adds a cool look if you add a little bit), a bit of bread and/or other stuff to add like a little fake blood, ECT.

Step 2: Making Time

first add together the soup and creamed corn
you want it to remain lumpy while you add the bread and a bit of carrots (again if desired)
but carotts make it a little reder

Step 3: Done Now Go Prank!!

i came up with an idea that you put it in your mouth and wait till someone come in the bathroom(it will taste bad but its worth it)
But you can come up with other ways to prank people
HaVe FuN!!!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    When it comes to pumpkins, just use their insides... 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    How about replacing googled images with images of your own?

    We especially need to see a video of you using the product.