Lampshade / Heater From Old Laser Printer

Introduction: Lampshade / Heater From Old Laser Printer

About: Oakland-based Brazilian media artist and educator, has been using technology as platform of experimentation, using public spaces, human interaction and machines interaction.

I had an old laser printer I've found in the garbage, I'd like to disassemble and take out the step motors but I found an interesting light bulb inside a hollow tube. You can see here where that comes from.

Step 1: Disassembling

In one of the lamp metal terminals was marked 110V 800W, then I tried 110 AC thought the terminals and it turned on. A super bright and warm filament. So I started the process of making an 800W abajur / heater from the trash.

Step 2:

I used a metal stand from an old abajour as support for the light.
Also from the printer I took out that white wire which supports high temperature.

I passed the white wire thought a hollow rigid copper wire, to be used as a stand for the light bulb and also to resist to high temperatures.

The AC cable comes from inside the metal stand, I soldered the wires on the light bulb and isolated them with high temperature tape (kapton)

At the end, I have this super power abajur and it worked very well as a heater, it was the original idea!

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    radames ajna
    radames ajna

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    actually I though the word abajur is used in english but is not, abajur is a lampshade in french an also as we known in Brazil :) I changed the tile, thanks!