Abominal Snowman Hunting Trophy Christmas Decoration





Introduction: Abominal Snowman Hunting Trophy Christmas Decoration

Remember Bumble from the Rudolph cartoon?
Well I thought it'd be fun to make a Bumble hunting trophies for my sisters.
I'd probably do it a little differently, were I to do it again, but this is how I created it.
Please feel free to add tips on how you would do a step differently in the comments thanks.
Merry Christmas Erin and Megan

Step 1: Mouth

Draw the shape of the eye and mouth pieces onto your ball.
Then use a sharp knife to cut out the mouth shape.
I wouldn't recommend using a christmas ball like I have a foam ball would have been much easier to work with.
One you have your mouth shape removed, start shaping the inside of the mouth with your wire mesh.
Don't worry about the details, you just need something for your sculpy to stick to.

Step 2: Mouth 2

Once your happy with your wire mesh and have cut away some of the excess it's time to ad your sculpy and start sculpting the in your mouth details.
After you've finished sculpting, carefully remove the mesh and bake until hard.
Add a coat of paint and you'll start to see your Yeti taking shape.

Step 3: Face Prep

Hot glue mouth into place, then cut sculpy template for eyes.

Step 4: Fur

Place mouthpiece in the center of your fun fur. 
Glue fur to tops and bottoms of sphere first. 
Trim away excess fur as you glue sides. 
If anybody has a good way to wrap a sphere in fun fur tutorial, please link it in the comments.
Find the opening in the mouth and make an incision. Carfully cut away fur until mouth is revealed.
One you have a mouthy fur ball, trim away the area that you'd like to use for your eyes. 

Step 5: Eyes

Finally sculpt the eye sockets and pupils out of sculpy and bake.
Felt the sockets and hot glue mask to head.
Cut the handles off some plastic soup spoons and glue into sockets.
Glue painted pupils to spoons.
I used an outdoor fence post cap for the plaque and secured it with a long screw and secured it with a plastic wall anchor.


Step 6: Tada



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Just finished up the second one. Thanks to everyone who stopped to take a peek. And extra thanks to those who voted for my project in the Christmas contest. Merry Christmas.

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Just got it in the mail!!! Absolutely love it!

Will definitely hang this up on my wall for the holiday season... would have also been neat as a tree topper!

abominal snowman.jpg

This is so cool. What a great idea, how about marvin the martian head from the bugs cartoons!

Flipping cool! My fav Beast!

so cute!!i want to make it for my brother!!

Wow, very cute. You are very talented. Thanks for making me laugh. Thanks for posting.

Awesomeness at its best. So cool!

I have to admit that I was not familiar with thus guy, but the trophy is really cute and well done nontheless. Thanks for sharing!

@gravityisweak: thank you. For the teeth role you sculpy into individual balls then pinch into desired shape and push into place.

@MrRedBeard: thanks I was giddy the entire time I was building them.

Excellent work! This is top notch! From looking at the first photo I thought you cut the head off an actual doll to make this. Amazing job on the mouth details too. How did you do the teeth?