Above-Ground Pool Screen





Introduction: Above-Ground Pool Screen

An above ground pool is a magnet to bugs and tree-debris. We tried a cover but it sinks and it is a pain to remove and put on. Looked into commercial screens and the cost was 3x the pool cost. One day while at WalMart I saw a hexagon shaped meal tent. On a whim I purchased it as a cover for the pool. Here are the results ...

Step 1: Check the Size

The pool we bought is available at Sam's Club for about $280. It is about 16' across and 4' deep. I was looking for a meal-tent that was hexagon in shape and 16' x 16'. I found one at WalMart for $48.49 , but the size was 15' x 13'. .. Let's give it a shot...

Step 2: Build the Tent and Cover the Pool

Put the tent together. Open both "doors" then cover the pool. Attach the tent to the pool at each door piece. I used some bungee cords that I had laying around.

That's it! Enjoy!



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    Genius! Going to try this out!

    If you can find a canopy/tent big enough - sure. The biggest challenge is that the tents/canopies are not very UV resistant and so the sun eats them up in 3 months or so.

    We'dr going to do this, but since you mention the UV deteriorating the top, we'll cover that part of it with a tarp. Thanks for this post! Great idea!

    I did this to my pool worked perfectly!!!

    Do y know what brand did u have???

    we are going to get a pool like this because it got good deals

    Well, I gotta hand it to ya, you're resourceful. It would've been cool if you could've gotten one that was more of a circle. I had a thought about screen: If you were to get some surplus aluminum extrusion and a couple rolls of window screen, you might be able to make a removable pool cover screen for when you're not using it. Still, very nice.

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    I priced out doing a pvc pipe and mosquito net cover. It was going to be over $400 ... hard to beat $50.