Absinthe Frappe

ok, I'm back with another absinthe cocktail, this time it's more traditional. Keep in mind that while the absinthe frappe may be a traditional cocktail, it's composition varies quite drasticly from place to place so that being said this is merely my take on on it.

for this drink you will need:

1)  3 oz of an absinthe of your choice, I used Lucid
2) Juice of one lime, and one lime for garnish
3) 1 egg white. Yes this recipe uses raw egg, however if you really are concerned you can find ultra pasteurized egg whites at the store.
4) Powdered sugar, no specific amount, add to taste.
5) Club soda.

first pack a glass with crushed ice and set aside to chill. Then in a shaker combine absinthe, lime juice, egg white, and sugar, shake this until creamy and smooth. Strain this into your ice filled glass and top with club soda, garnish with lime.



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    this is one of my favorites, especially after working on the yard all afternoon. If you try it, don't be afraid to mix it up a little bit, this is the traditional recipe, but if you're adventurous you could use something besides club soda such as cream soda or 7up, it's because of little changes like that why there are so many versions of this drink. Enjoy.