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Introduction: Abstract Decorative Painting

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create a decorative and abstract painting, it's very easy, fast and funny!

This technique looks better in a big format, I did it in a small one to show you how to do it and to reuse a canvas that I have. Be sure you work in a ventilate area because of the materials. If you are minor you should look for an adult supervision cause we are going to handle flammable materials.

Let´s get started!


Picture 1

  • Spray paint in the color that you prefer (optional).
  • Transparent spray for protection (finishing). Matte or bright.
  • Acrilic paint, in any presentation. I recommend light colors.

Picture 2

  • "Mancha a la gasolina" is in spanish, I coudn´t find the translation. It's a liquid that smell like gasoline and it's use for painting wood with a natural color or to prepare the wood to work it after. "Nogal" (walnut) it's the tone, there are lighter tones.
  • Thinner
  • Turpentine
  • Alcohol (medical alcohol, don't use your father's whisky!)


  • Canvas
  • Brushes
  • Newspaper

With the thinner, turpentine and alcohol, you can work with just one.

I spend around 32 dollars.

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Step 1: Paint the Canvas

It's very important that you use acrylic paint, it cannot be with oil, watercolors or any other type of paint.

As I already say this technique look better using light colors in this step that we'll be using as background, in white looks great! You don't have to be a professional painter (look at mine), try doing something simple or if you prefer all in one color.

Let it dry

Then use the aerosol, which are optional. I choose gold and silver. I think I put too much, I was trying to smooth the lines between colors.

The aerosols dry immediately so go foward to step 2!

Step 2: Drip the Gasoline

Incline a little bit your canvas and start dripping the gasoline from the top, try to cover most of the canvas or if you want all of it.

Clean the bottom if the gasoline accumulate too much and doesn't look good, you can clean it with paper towel.

Don´t let it dry! Pass to step 3!

Step 3: The Fun Part!

Take the alcohol and drip it in little drops. I use this...kind of spoon, but if you want you can use your hands or even an old toothbrush for mini drops. You'll see how the gasoline separate showing the background, yes! the one we paint in the first step.

Do the same with the thinner and the turpentine. Why do we use 3 different liquids? If you look closely each one make different types of spots, for example the thinner is more abrasive than the others.

Go Nuts! It's an order! You can put as much as you want and pick your favorite spot maker.

It looks great right? Well you can let it dry like this or follow me to the end.

Step 4: Let It Go!...I Mean... Flow

As quickly as you end dripping, stand the canvas slowly and let the liquids flow. You can stop it when you like it or let it go down straight to the bottom as I did. As you can see these liquids will smooth and divide the gasoline creating an interesting effect .

Clean the bottom again in case of accumulation.

If you think you put too much of the liquids and you want it to look darker, put again the gasoline, you can repeat this steps many times.

Step 5: Dry

Let it dry completely in an horizontal way, and then apply the transparent finishing spray.

And ta da! We are done! (picture2)

As you can see in a bigger format looks better (picture 3), and I'm going to use it as the background of a drawing.

I hope you like this tutorial, have fun doing your painting and post it here! I want to see yours!

Till next time ;D

Silvia Cantú

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    That's a really cool technique, I love the effect it created. Thanks for explaining the process!

    Silvia Cantu
    Silvia Cantu

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    You are welcome! n.n
    If you do it I will love to see it :D