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I decided to bring some interest to my living room

Bought 7 long wood Planks each 2 meter long and 2x2 cm wide.

I asked for the guy at the wood shop to cut each and every plank into a different size ( one will be 10 cm , 12, cm 6 cm and so on )

attached them to each other on my living room floor , and than started to attach each 3-4 peaces directly to the wall

You will need for this Instructable:

*7 long wood Planks each 2 meter long and 2x2 cm wide.

* 1 drill

* 2 drilles , one for the wood ( small one ) and another for the wall )

* Electric screw driver

* lots of wood screws

* Leveler


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Step 1: Wood Factory

This is how it looked in the wood factory

Step 2: After Sawing

After sawing

Step 3: Start Attaching the Planks

Take random pieces and attach each to the other using wood screws

Step 4: Finished!

That`s it for now

I attached it to the wall using screws , and i`m planning to paint it maybe .. haven`t decided yet..

Overall , the process took a few hours.. but , it came out great


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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction


    My parents also suggested me to paint it in random colors ( like the Google sign)

    Good idea!