Accept Bitcoin at Your Place

Introduction: Accept Bitcoin at Your Place

Accept Bitcoin at a Store, Market or yard sale.

This is just a quick guide on how to accept bitcoin payments at a physical shop , market stall or garage / yard sale.

I am making the assumption that you will want to protect your coins from price fluctuations or transfer the value to your regular bank account & therefore I recommend (link)

You could just use a smartphone or a paper printout with a QR code on.

Then get the customers to workout bitcoin to local currency & enter the correct amount or you can use this easy (ish) method to accept bitcoin priced in your local currency & hold the funds as stable fiat so it can be transferred to a bank account later.

This also gives buyers a price reference so they know how much they will be paying.

This also looks a bit more professional than just a static QR code displayed.

You can then select the price, currency, title, message & details, click load to verify QR code then ‘Open’ to display the QR code for the buyer to scan with there mobile device with a wallet loaded.

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

A Device:

A Smartphone / tablet or PC to display the QR code & connect to the internet so it can convert bitcoin price to a currency price.

Bitcoin Wallet:

With an (formaly account – Verified membership offers conversion from bitcoin to your local currency for free, Uphold also allows bitcoins to be sent to a currency card that does not fluctuate with a change in the bitcoin price.

For example someone sends 0.01 bitcoin to your USD($) card it will be converted to Dollars at that moment, this is then fixed as Dollars

It also allows withdraws in your local currency for free to a linked bank account.

If you want to use please follow this link with referral code to get $5 free once
verified. (LINK – )

If you are happy to have your bitcoin value move with the market price, just use a wallet / payment address of your choosing.

Some Code:

This small bit of code (html & 2 .JS files along with 4 small image files, Zip'ed ) The images will need to be unzipped to a folder called 'images'

The code is from, you can get all the file from them as well.

The key file it the html, this can be edited to reflect your bitcoin address, currency, title, message.etc.

The .JS & image files are present so you can run this locally on your device.

You could use this straight from bitping but you will need to enter your payment address each time the page is reloaded.

Step 2: What to Do:

Edit bitping.html

This needs to be edited so your bitcoin address is displayed by default.

There are several locations in the file that hold the bitcoin address highlighted Yellow in the pictures.

Also you can change your currency & any message, highlighted Green.

Search for the following sections & add your bitcoin / uphold wallet address as needed along with any currency settings.


address book functions


exchange settings


Once edited, copy the files to your device, PC & Android devices
are quite straight forward, Apple devices are a little harder & may need aditional apps.

Step 3: Request a Payment From Your Buyer

Setting up a payment request:

Just open the bitping.html file on your device, set the price of the item for sale, add a title or message & press ‘Load’

This will convert the price you entered into bitcoin & load a new QR code. The ‘Open’ button loads the QR code in a new tab.

Get the buyer to scan you freshly generated QR code & send you the payment.

That's it, the blockchain will confirm the payment & the bitcoins will be transfered.

You must check that the payment has been received before handing over the goods..

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