Access Your Pi Without Keyboard and Monitor

If you want to setup a new Raspberry Pi without the need to connect it to a display, keyboard or ethernet cable. The Raspberry Pi 3 and the recently introduced Raspberry Pi Zero W have an on board wifi chip. This means it can run and connect to the internet without having an Ethernet cable connected to it.

I am using the Raspbian Jessie Lite image which does not have any graphical interface besides the commandline. This guide may also work for the Jessie image with the Pixel desktop.

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Step 1: ​Requirements:

  1. Raspberry Pi with integrated wifi chip - Pi 3 or Pi Zero W
  2. Compatible micro SD card - at least 4GB
  3. Power source for the Raspberry Pi
  4. A wifi access point you want to connect the Pi to

Step 2: Prepare SD Card With Raspbian Jessie Lite

Get a Raspbian Jessie lite image. Download the latest Raspbian LITE image from check it here

Extract the downloaded zip file (double click). You will now have a .img file..

Connect you SD card to your computer and use Etcher to flash the Raspbian .img-file to the SD card. The selected device will be fully erased!

you can use etcher software to write the image file into the sd card click here

Step 3: Configure Ssh and Wifi

After flashing the image to the SD card, the drive has been ejected. Disconnect and connect the SD card to your computer / PC again. A boot drive should appear.

  • now create an empty file named with "ssh"

To make the Pi connect to your Wifi access point at first boot, store the wifi connection details on the Pi’s boot drive.

  • create an empty file named with "wpa_supplicant.conf"

Paste the following content in the wpa_supplicant.conf file, adjust it with your wifi details and save it

Make sure you pick the configuration that matches your Raspbian version.

For Raspbian Jessie:






For Raspbian Stretch and later:

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev






This will use DHCP to obtain an IP address.

Now put the SDCARD into to PIZERO, now scan your pi IP using angry Ip scanner (any ip scanner would work), download putty and access your pi without Keyboard and monitor.

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    6 months ago

    I just purchased a Raspberry Pi too, thank you very much. I will use this. Thanks again.


    6 months ago

    I just bought a raspberry pi. This will come in handy, thanks.