Access Your Webmail, Audio and Video Streams Easily on Windows Mobile Smartphones



This instructable will provide you with a template to easily access your streaming audio/video, webmail and any other favorites from a single page, using your numeric keypad.

Step 1: Save This Text As Favorites.htm

Copy the following text to a blank file in notepad, name the file yourfile.htm
<b>Talk</b><hr align=left width=60><a href="mms://" accesskey="1"><b>1</b> NPR Main Stream</a><br><a href="mms://" accesskey="2"><b>2</b> CSPAN</a><br><a href="" accesskey="3"><b>3</b> Air America</a><br><a href="mms://" accesskey="4"><b>4</b> 1240 KSAC</a><br><br><b>Music</b><hr align=left width=60><a href="" accesskey="5"><b>5</b> KWOD</a><br><a href="mms://" accesskey="6"><b>6</b> KEXP</a><br><br><b>Favorites</b><hr align=left width=60><a href="" accesskey="7"><b>7</b> ORB</a><br><a href="" accesskey="8"><b>8</b> GMail</a><br><a href="" accesskey="9"><b>9</b> MSN/Hotmail</a>

Edit the links contained in the file to access whatever you may want to have access to. The URLs can be found for most audio streams with free Windows software, or even more easily with linux, firefox and mplayer.

Step 2: Transfer File to Phone

Using Activesync, transfer the file to your phone. Go to "File Explorer" in your phone, and find the file you just transferred. Click the file, Internet Explorer Mobile will open showing your (somewhat plain) file. The numbers to the left are mapped to the numeric keypad, and pressing the corresponding key will open the link. This is accomplished using the "accesskey" tag in HTML (specific to IE Mobile).

Step 3: You're in Business!

The reason I made this file is because Windows Media Player Mobile can stream audio, but doesn't allow you to save favorite streams, which means it can be hard to get back to a stream once you've powered the phone down or listened or watched something else in WMP Mobile. Plus the favorites in IE Mobile is, in my opinion, poorly implemented.

Please feel free to alter this file to reflect your personal listening/browsing/political tastes (I hear Rush Limbaugh streams his show too :0) Have fun!




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