Accessories From Old Unused Hardware




Introduction: Accessories From Old Unused Hardware

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Here is the tutorial to make accessories taking the raw material from old unused hardware.

Very simple and very effective!

By Creiamo in 3D





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Step 1: Equipment List Required

equipment list required:

1 Motherboard

1 shears

1 clamp


metal rings

metal chains

Step 2: Identify the Holes

Each card has holes in the corners, great for avoiding to drill the boards even further.

These holes serve as a seat for the ring and the eventual catenin.

Step 3: Clean Sheet

With pliers and a little strength extract all the plastic parts, leaving the card "rough".

Step 4: Choosing the Accessory

Cut out parts suitable for creating the favorite accessory: Key ring, brooches, earrings ...

Step 5: Clean the Accessory

To make the edges smooth and remove imperfections, pass the rough surfaces with sandpaper.

Step 6: Finalizing

Chose the hook or the specific ring, insert it into the hole to finish the creation.

Step 7: Wear!

When you finish your creation, use it!



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    Very nice.

    Make sure you dip them in some sort of sealant before wearing if they are going to come in contact with the skin. Many computer components contain lead, which is not something you want against your skin for long periods of time.